Our story

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The beginning

Stanford MBA program

The adventure of Schoolab began at Stanford in 2007. Enrolled in an MBA program, Jean-Claude Charlet, CEO and co-founder of Schoolab, watched the rise of Design Thinking methodology and witnessed the new managerial and organizational methods being implemented across Silicon Valley.

Profoundly affected by his experience and convinced of the power of an active and vibrant ecosystem, he returned to Paris determined, with two serial entrepreneurs, Julien Fayet and Olivier Cotinat, to create Schoolab with the goal of bringing these new methodologies and collaborative ways of working to France

Surrounded by a team of young innovators from different backgrounds — design, business, technology, ethnology, journalism… they created the CPi program (Création d’un Produit Innovant) in 2007. The CPi program aims to put students from all walks of life in position to work together on real projects of active companies. A pioneer of multidisciplinary student programs, CPi innumerably increases the students’ capacity for innovation and immerses them directly from education in real conditions, working on real issues facing companies today.


Our first programs

The Schoolab team takes residency in several innovation spaces during almost 10 years: from the ESSEC Business School facilities to the Paillasse and the NUMA Paris’ building. Schoolab grows and is progressively considered as a major actor of the French innovation ecosystem.

During those years, Schoolab progressively developed new programs that embody its global vision: to gather diverse populations to collectively work on innovative projects. This is how Schoolab created Starter in 2016 its first startup incubator program, soon followed by Reboot and LeBridge — the two other incubators of the Schoolab’s ecosystem — and developed its corporate offers, offering new cooperation and training modes.


The tipping point

In the heart of the Sentier area

Convinced of the strength generated by the gathering of all those population (corporates, students and startups), Schoolab inaugurated in 2016 its first 1800 sqm major building dedicated to innovation in the heart of the Sentier area. Major milestone in Schoolab history, the space marks the determination of the team to boost collaborative innovation.

In 2016, Schoolab enters a strategic partnership with the Regional Council of Île-de-France to operate PEPITE, the coaching program of the startups born in the Ile de France universities. The PEPITE program is hosted at Station F, the largest French startups incubator.

Pursuing its growth, Schoolab is now heading to other French areas and to international innovation hotspots with five new innovation spaces expected before 2019.

As you may have guessed: the best of the story remains to be written!