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To step into an Innovation Studio 

It’s a step into the other side of the mirror. 

The world of an Innovation Studio breaks down academic and professional routines. Hierarchies disappear, teams flourish, participants mix and exchange, discover new perspectives, new ways of thinking, and at the same time, discover themselves by doing, daring, risking. This is a new world, though not a world without rules. 

In an Innovation Studio, imagination must run wild and free. Imagination that education and adulthood suffocates. To achieve this, one must learn how to break free. To innovate and create a truly disruptive solution, one must look for inspiration elsewhere before returning to their domain, they must iterate at lightening speed to destroy their conceptions as a method to advance while thinking of staying in place. One must be openminded and be able to build upon the ideas of the other members of their team. We do to learn, to communicate, to convince, to innovate.

To step into an Innovation Studio 

It can be intimidating like any crazy adventure
or leap of faith into the unknown. 

But in changing perspective worry and doubt fades and instead the opportunity to enjoy every moment arises with an unshakable confidence to confront the challenges of the future. In daring to change paradigms, one understands what there is to learn at an Innovation Studio, what there is to live, and how to prepare to face any challenge. 

Constraints and difficulties become the source of the best innovations and are thus the best opportunities to take. The most impossible situations are achievable challenges. An Innovation Studio opens the door to the infinite, coupled with the modern technology and the Internet, providing the means to exploit it, understand it and to master it. 

An Innovation Studio is now and hereafter the cradle of change. 

To step into an Innovation Studio

It’s the experience of a lifetime.

Entering an Innovation Studio is the experience of a lifetime for a passionate student who wants to prepare themselves for the future, far from the schoolhouse steps, for an entrepreneur to accelerate the growth of their startup, and tip the odds of success in their favor, for a corporate employee, junior or senior, manager or director, to open doors to new opportunities at their company.

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