Test & Build your product with your users

Once a project finishes an acceleration program at Schoolab and you have strong insights to launch it, the Agency helps you build it without wasting time and with a strong focus on user testing.

A digital agency inside the innovation studio to help every project

We have created a digital agency within the Innovation Studio Schoolab to ensure a smooth transition between prototyping your solution and putting it into production.


We work with various freelancers and dev teams from the ecosystem to gather the best team for each project.


We’re also here to help projects during their ideation phase to make sure that their ideas are feasible.


We put a strong focus on lightweight and agile tech stacks to make sure that our projects can be tested and launched to market in short cycles.

The avantages of Agency

We assemble an agile team with the technical skills to build a first version of your product. We organize a smooth transition between the project team and the development team. In most cases, some members of the project team go on to work on the development phase.

Continuity & agility

There is no break in the project lifecycle from ideation to development. We ship on a weekly basis and adjust the product roadmap to evolving goals.


We test your project with real users to gather feedback and follow key usage metrics. This gives the assurance that the project responds to a real problem.

Our wonderful tech team

Pierre De Milly

Program Director

Alex Jolly

UI/UX Designer

Juliette Engel

Backend Developer

Discover our success stories

People Total

From a Lean Factory project, we built People, an internal tool at Total to help collaborators easily understand and explore their company organisation through actual people rather than business units. People is currently in beta and has more than 1000 active users at Total.


KENkOÏ is a corporate game to help players lead a better and healthier life at work and at home. We built a mobile app and a website with Groupe UP and we launched and monitored 2 beta phases in 2017.

Seed by Suez

Building upon a CPi project, we developed a mobile app for new employees at Suez to help them discover the group through its values and key activities. We launched the app on a select Business Unit and have been evolving it through user testing.