7 November 2019

Web and digital development agency in Paris

Expand your website and test your innovation products quickly

When a project completes an acceleration program at Schoolab and you've decided to launch it, Agency helps you develop it in an agile way and in direct contact with your users.

An innovation-oriented digital agency to help every innovative project get started

We have created a digital agency within the Innovation Studio Schoolab to ensure a smooth transition between prototyping your solution and putting it into production.

Talents and developers in-house

We work with several independents and teams of developers in our ecosystem to assemble the best team for each project. We also assist projects during their design to ensure that the future is possible within the desired time frame.

Delivery of your website

We favour agile and modern technologies to ensure that our products can be tested and launched in a short time.

The benefits of working with Schoolab for your web projects

We assemble an agile team with the skills needed for the first version of the product. We organize a smooth transition between the project team and the development team. In most cases, some members of the project team are also working on the development phase. We also implement a series of user tests to ensure that each version of the product has been confronted with use.

Continuity and agile development

No waste of time and energy between the design and development phase. We issue a version every week to change the specifications during the project.

User-centered web development

We test your project with real users to gather feedback and evaluate usage. This gives the assurance that the project responds to a real problem.

Discover the success stories of our web agency

Web development for Total

Initially a Lean Factory project, People has become an internal tool at The Total Group to help employees easily understand and explore their organization through user profiles. We launched People in Beta and now have over 1000 active users at Total.


KENkO is a corporate game that helps its players lead healthier and more active lives at work and at home. We have developed a mobile app and website with the UP Group and we have launched two phases of Beta in 2017.

Seed by Suez

Following a CPi project, we developed a mobile app for new employees of the Suez Group. They can discover the group through its values and key activities. We launched the app in testing and evolved it after several user tests.

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