Customer observation

Understanding your market with customer studies

Customer Observation is an extremely important step in an innovative project launch. Knowing your market and its users means making sure you meet a need and therefore the success of the product. In this phase, the project leader becomes a real detective: you will go into the field to meet your target and stakeholders, interview them, observe them and understand them as best they can.

Collect key insights on your target

  • Learn the Design Thinking method to empathize with your users and discover their unstlected needs

  • Launch user-centric innovations with agile methods and reduce the risk of innovative projects

  • Make decisions based on a personalized deliverable of insights and opportunities related to your market

Amandine Laville
Project Manager
“ Schoolab's method is focused on empathy. ”
produit innovant

Design Thinking at the heart of our methods

Agile methods enable user-centric products to be launched in record time

Reduce financial risk by estimating the validity of the consumer need via the field study
Generate innovative concepts based on insights collected
Rest on Schoolab expertise for field observation and in-depth user investigations
Create user-centric products in record time with agile project management developed in our own startup incubator

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