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Scale your business through innovation.

In 5 years, we will have trained more than 10,000 individuals, accelerated more than 100 projects on market and created both a local and worldwide ecosystem of experts enabling quick response to continuous transformational needs.

We deliver an understanding of your consumers

  • With Design Thinking, we support organisations’ transformation through data-driven & user-centric insights.

  • We co-design with our clients new concepts adapting well to the local market through a cost and time-effective approach.

  • We know how to quickly build tailor-made/ad-hoc/dedicated teams of agile experts to foster collective intelligence. The right expertise for the best possible project outcome.

ryo bando delight ventures
Ryo Bando
Principal, Delight Ventures
“ The frameworks and ideas that Schoolab taught us were very helpful, and we were able to implement a method to identify issues with an emphasis on user observation and interviews. We are looking forward to the following discussion and implement the ideas into our business. ”


Join our 6-week 100% digital collaborative experience towards sustainable & inclusive innovation!

Sustainability & Innovation Business Services

An ecosystemic & step-by-step approach to enhance sustainability, circularity & innovation

Vision, strategy & roadmap development

Identify sources of impact and your teams' maturity

Project acceleration & implementation

Accelerate the launch of innovative and sustainable products or services

Internal and external engagement

Access the right set of skills and foster engagement within your teams

Schoolab - Some advices to start your business

The long journey to achieving innovation and sustainability.

  • Consumer-centric Strategy

    Companies need to implement a user-centric data-driven mindset, culture, and process to upgrade their relationship with their consumers to define the right go-to-market strategy.

  • Agility and Culture

    Companies have to be agile and set the right culture to adapt their process, services, and product to the constantly evolving needs of their consumers.

  • This is happening now.

    Companies need to change their process and adapt to new trends in order to attract and retain talents.


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