Schoolab Asia

Scale your business through innovation.

Sustainability and ecology are closely linked together. Let’s take it to the next level, making each of us, and our businesses, sustainable. Our aim is to build a world where businesses last a thousand years, especially in Asia, a rapidly shifting continent.

We support people in developing their entrepreneurial mindset and in being the actors of their own innovation. Through design thinking, we scale up processes and build innovative products and services to help companies become sustainable.

We believe that a deep transformation of a company’s organization will lead them to adapt faster to their users’ new trends.

Schoolab Asia’s mission is to start conversations between people focused on problem-solving.

Schoolab - Some advices to start your business

The long journey to achieving innovation and sustainability.

  • Consumer-centric Strategy

    Companies need to implement a user-centric data-driven mindset, culture, and process to upgrade their relationship with their consumers to define the right go-to-market strategy.

  • Agility and Culture

    Companies have to be agile and set the right culture to adapt their process, services, and product to the constantly evolving needs of their consumers.

  • This is happening now.

    Companies need to change their process and adapt to new trends in order to attract and retain talents.

We deliver an understanding of your consumers

  • With Design Thinking, we support organizations’ transformation through data-driven & user-centric insights.

  • We co-design with our clients new concepts adapting well to the local market through a cost and time-effective approach.

  • We know how to quickly build tailor-made/ad-hoc/dedicated teams of agile experts to foster collective intelligence. The right expertise for the best possible project outcome.

ryo bando delight ventures
Ryo Bando
Principal, Delight Ventures
“ The frameworks and ideas that Schoolab taught us were very helpful, and we were able to implement a method to identify issues with an emphasis on user observation and interviews. We are looking forward to the following discussion and implement the ideas into our business. ”

Lean Factory

Through a 4-phase design thinking approach, you will gather data-driven insights to pinpoint what truly works for your business.

Define markets and set targets.
Identify key resources to execute your plan.
Elaborate products to answer your users needs.
Select of the strongest one to prototype and launch on the market.


A virtuous circle of innovation to generate long-term business.

We know how to provide you with a solution-based project. At the end of the day, you get an actionable solution and fast.
We have understood the value and power of the design thinking method and we are ready to share it with you.
Test and learn; fail fast and fail often: this is a mindset that will make your business sustainable and save money.

Deplastify the Planet

if you are a company committed to sustainable development, you've come to the right place. Thanks to valuable insights, we will bring you a deeper understanding of your users and help you create tailor-made solutions for them. What's in there for you:

We create a team of nonexpensive and smart resources: students from Asia's top universities. They will bring a fresh eye to look at the company's and product's opportunities.
You recruit talents among them by identifying 1-2 profiles at the end of the project.

Let's meet!