Intrapreneur Program

Train and support your intrapreneurs, accelerate your product launches

Develop the entrepreneurial posture of your teams with our support in the creation of intrapreneurial programs. Intrapreneurship is used to develop new skills in large companies and help them accelerate the launch of innovations driven by your employees.

Boost your Intrapreneurs

  • Helps define intrapreneurship strategy and allocated resources

  • Training of intrapreneurs in entrepreneurial tools: lean startup, business model, business techniques, …

  • Training, intrapreneur meetings and project launch support

formation creativite innovation paris
Intrapreneur, Bouygues Construction
Frans R.
“  Being helped by Schoolab was the most moving and rewarding experience of my career. ”
Trained intrapreneurs
Programs developed and operated for our customers
Intrapreneurclub club to cross-reference the experiences of intrapreneurs

Use Startup methods

To maximize the benefits of intrapreneurship, large groups must design coherent and structured pathways to support intrapreneurs and their projects to accelerate their innovation capabilities.

Boost your employer brand and enhance your high potential
Acculturation and training of internal teams
Launch concrete projects with their own business goals
intrapreneuriat produit innovant prototypage prototypage rapide design thinking prototypage prototypage application impression 3d prototypage rapide le prototypage rapide maquettage et prototypage
Setting up and testing an innovation policy based on internal resources

Our Intrapreneur Experts

They will train your intrapreneurs

Guilain de Pous
Partner, Head of Intrapreneurship at Schoolab
An entrepreneur, Guilain managed and developed Schoolab's startup acceleration programs before developing intrapreneurship programs. He has a fine knowledge of both innovation methods but also conditions for innovation to find its place and develop in large groups.

These companies were accompanied by Schoolab

Intrapreneurship relies on entrepreneurship methodologies tailored for large groups to gain agility and accelerate their capacity for innovation. We have designed, deployed and operated the intrapreneurship programs of these companies on all or part of their internal approach.

Bouygues Construction Research – Accompanying project managers towards an intrapreneur’s position

“ 8 research and development projects were accompanied for 3 months to harmonize their progress and infuse an intrapreneurial mindset. ”

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KPMG Intrapreneuriship Program – Accelerator by KPMG

“ We have developed and are involved in the KPMG Intrapreneurship Lab (THE Accelerator by KPMG) operation. In this context, we have accompanied 3 promotions of intrapreneurs who continue their projects in-house by integrating their new offerings into the firm's portfolio. ”

— B. Dwali, Ce programme nous a aidé à fidéliser les talents et à accélérer nos innovations en interne

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GRDF trains their employees to innovate

“ 170 employees trained in innovation: Design Thinking, rapid prototyping, public speaking... With a 91% satisfaction rate. ”

— M. Thierry, Program Lead

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Launch of an intrapreneurship approach for the CNAV

“ We are working with the CNAV to put in place a first approach of intrapreneurship by aligning the different stakeholders  ”

— Intrapreneur, Ce programme nous a aidé à définir une stratégie d'intrapreneuriat plus claire

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Legaltech Learning Expeditions to inspire legal experts of Société Générale

“ This is the most intense learning experience of my professional life" ”

— Didier Lallemand, Intrapreneur & Managing Director, Société Générale Ventures -, "This was the most intense learning experience of my professional life."

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Intrapreneuriate Program – Bouygues Construction

“ For the past 2 years, we have been supporting Bouygues Construction's New Values program, which gives employees the opportunity to develop their projects in the company. As a result of this program, projects continue in-house or spinoff.  ”

— Frans, Intrapreneur Bouygues Construction , "Être accompagné par Schoolab a été l’expérience la plus bouleversante et enrichissante de ma carrière"

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Schoolab - Some advices to start your business

4 steps to launch an intrapreneur strategy

Intrapreneurship is coming into force in the innovation models of large groups inspired by the famous 20% of Google. The principle is to give employees time to devote themselves to the development of new projects for the company (at Google, Chromecast or Gmail were developed as part of their intrapreneurship

  • Intrapreneur Definition : What does it mean ?

    Intrapreneurship: what is it?
    The model is theoretically very virtuous, it consists in relying on the know-how of employees and giving them the framework and freedom to develop their projects. In addition to this, we must add specific support for intrapreneurs so that they acquire the right working methods (ability to observe and understand the user, frugal development methods, ability to iterate or even rotate…). This approach thus enables the development of new skills among employees while building up a portfolio of innovations for large groups.
    At the Schoolab, we have accompanied more than 100 intrapreneurs in nearly 10 different companies from the idea to the scale-up of the product on the market, which has enabled us to identify major trends and cut out the intrapreneurship approach in order to derive the greatest possible benefits.

    Intrapreneurship, in order to address both “people” and “business” issues, must be structured and organized around the level of progress of each project. This structuring allows several things:
    -> Functioning by promotion
    -> Projection of intrapreneurs in a clear path
    -> Gradual selection of projects with the most potential
    -> Gradual investment on projects

  • Intrapreneur ideation: Bringing out the ideas of employees

    Ideation: Bringing out the ideas of employees
    Key success factors: communicating internally about this intrapreneurship initiative, generating employee interest in participating, defining selection criteria for ideas that will move into the next phase.

    Example example: L’Oréal Operations (with the MYT platform)

  • Startup Incubation: Bringing selected intrapreneurs up to skills level

    Incubation: Bringing selected intrapreneurs up to skills level
    The objective of the intrapreneur: to have projects that have been prototyped with an initial market test, to have skills in the development of innovative projects.

    Key success factors: having motivated intrapreneurs who put themselves in a learning position, putting intrapreneurs in an active position to make concrete progress on their projects, allowing projects to go quickly to market to test their first hypotheses, defining selection criteria for projects that will move on to the next phase.
    Example: TF1 with Coraline (Pics Your Life project)

  • Acceleration: Developing an initial proof of concept (POC)

    Acceleration: Developing an initial proof of concept (POC)
    The objective: Acceleration: To develop a first proof of concept (POC) tested and validated by the market with a clear and validated business model. Put intrapreneurs in a leadership position on their projects and give them the keys to widely embark internal stakeholders.

    Key success factors Intrapreneurship: create a free space around the POC to accelerate its market launch and the ability to quickly test ideas, coach intrapreneurs on project management and their stance, determine the project’s landing options (internally: reintegration into a Business Unit, creation of a new Business Unit or externally with a spin-off).
    example: AWKN

  • Intrapreneur Innovative product launch : beta version

    Launch : Launch Beta
    Objective: Launch a Beta on a wider field and capture new market shares.

    Key factors of success: to rely on expert resources (Growth Hacking, Tech, Commercial, Design, Branding…) and to articulate them well, to accompany the intrapreneurs to structure their team and to gain autonomy both on the operation of the service but also on the management of the project.

    Example: Vinci (with link to article in Les Echos)

    Conclusion: do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you set up this process.


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