Innovative product launch

3 months to quickly launch an innovation on the market

Innovative Product Launch is an acceleration program to launch your innovative products and services in startup mode: faster and more agile.

A lean startup method to launch your products

  • Design Thinking and Lean Startup Training to accelerate corporate innovations

  • Support for the design, prototyping and development of the commercial offer

  • Accompanying internal teams in launching their innovation

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“ 6 intensive months for a live project, a very good performance for us and real personal satisfaction ”
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The agile method for innovative product launch

Lean Factory helps companies launch innovative products or services by supporting them on innovation methodology and supply design and development.

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Training in agile methods and design thinking to boost Innovative Product Launch
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Personalised coaching and coaching teams for agility
Design an innovative product launch roadmap
Monitoring and implementation of business reporting and k.P. definition. I.
Schoolab - Some advices to start your business

Innovative Product Launch and services: 5 mistakes to avoid

Through the steps of our agile innovation methodology, design and develop your innovative products and services

  • Avoid disruption with the launch of new and innovative products

    With globalization and digitalization, the pace of innovation has accelerated as consumer trends and needs have changed. To cope with these changes, large companies need to adapt faster to stay at the forefront of their customers’ needs or risk being replaced by more up-to-date competitors: in the United States, the average age of the Companies in the S.P. 500 is 20 years and continues to decline.

    In order not to experience the same disappearances, European companies must be able to innovate and transform themselves at the same time as the market evolves. To do this, the pace of new products and services must accelerate. But how can we launch innovative products and services faster and without increasing the risk of failure?

  • Schoolab, a studio innovation to launch new products

    Schoolab supports its customers in the launch of innovative products and services that will meet the new uses and needs of the market. Halfway between a project incubator, a consulting firm and an agency, Schoolab brings together in its support all the skills and methodologies necessary to launch its product or service quickly by controlling its costs. The right way for Innovative Product Launch !

  • Innovative Product Launch : How do I launch new products?

    Several methods are crucial to master the success of a product launch.

    Talk about the importance of different types of methods:

    1. Growth hacking
    2. Sales B2B
    3. Marketing
    4. Design UX/UI
    5. Operations
    6. Web development

    In a principle of Open Innovation, Schoolab composes a dedicated project team that works in co-construction with the company to launch a new innovative product or service. Schoolab will also identify players in its innovation ecosystem who will bring their expertise and resources to the project: startups, agencies, etc.

    Design Thinking’s methodology allows project teams to fully understand the changing needs of the market to design a product or service that best responds to it and guarantees the best user experience while taking into account the constraints technical and economic stake in the company.

    Using a Lean Startup methodology, the team began launching the innovative product or service early on a restricted perimeter to get a return to the market and start to have traction. These experiments are supported by Marketing and Growth Hacking campaigns to optimize customer acquisition by making the best use of the project’s resources.

  • Mistakes to avoid when launching products

    Many projects fail because the teams have spent too much time looking for the perfect innovative product or service without daring to launch it on the market. By the time the product or service passes all internal validations, the market has already evolved and customer needs are no longer the same.

    For example, one of our client companies had already carried out three successive market studies on the concept of food delivery at home. Each time, the study’s conclusions were different because usages had evolved at the same time and the market was being structuring. We convinced them to launch a pilot on the market in less than 2 months on a very limited perimeter in order to quickly gain competence and acquire much stronger convictions on the subject.

  • Benchmark: Schoolab customer cases of product launch

    With the same company, we first spent 3 weeks studying the needs of our target and the technical constraints of the subject. We were then able to design a customer experience that was fluid and adapted to the uses of our target. In order to achieve the pilot quickly, we relied on the logistics services already in place in the company and on the other on a French food delivery startup that made available its payment interface. and its delivery drivers to allow us to deploy the service in a matter of weeks. For 3 months, we had our hands free to test with the company several modalities and several business models.

    At the end of the pilot, we had all the data and learning to adjust the service before the large-scale move to the French market.

They launched innovative products with Schoolab

Discover our customers' business cases and innovation benchmarks

Innovative product: Bricorama sheds light on its customer journey

“ Launching an innovative product: Trained in innovation, students have embarked on the creation of the DIY store of the future  ”

— G. Larieu ,

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How GRT Gas raises awareness of field risks through innovation creation

“ Development of inter-team collaboration through risk communication awareness. A serious game to promote risk awareness ”

— G. Larieu, Les équipes se sont formées en un temps record !

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Paris CAF improves nursery accessibility through innovation

“ An online booking platform that allows families to report their absences and has new families access ings ”

— Valérie Siraud, Responsable de la mission Accueil et temps de l'enfant, The platform allows families known to the director to reserve occasional slots on regular child absences.

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