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Schoolab was a partner of Société Générale’s Internal Startup Call program in 2018. In this framework, Schoolab supported 10 internal projects in a 6-month full-time intrapreneurship program.

The Bootcamp for intrapreneurs: 2 intense weeks of immersion

The program is designed for intrapreneurs. During two intensive weeks of workshops, everyone was able to learn about innovation methods and adopt an intrapreneur posture. In this sequence, Société Générale’s intrapreneurs went outside their comfort zone and directly confronted their users’ needs to better understand them, then structured a unique value proposition and tried to make first sales. This new dynamic pushed the intrapreneurs into a leadership position and enabled them to learn about innovation methods and tools as well as their own posture.

Acceleration program: understanding the customer to build a product vision

Following the entry bootcamp, the intrapreneurs were accompanied in weekly workshops and individual meetings with the Schoolab team and external experts according to their needs.

“This is the most intense learning experience of my professional life.”

Didier Lallemand, Intrapreneur & Managing Director Société Générale Ventures

The programme was structured in such a way that intrapreneurs had to carry out an in-depth observation phase in order to gain a detailed understanding of both their users and their environment. This step was necessary to help them build a value proposition and product vision.
This initial phase was consecrated by a presentation to the sponsors of each project. A way of ensuring that these orientations remain in line with the bank’s strategy.
Once the projects were validated by the sponsors, the intrapreneurs developed their first Minimum Viable Products (MVP). They were then provided with production resources (technical developers and designers) and strategic resources (structuring the business model and business plan with Dream Catcher Sales experts).

70 internal projects incubated in 6 months

This programme has enabled 70 internal Société Générale projects to be accelerated for 6 months on a full-time basis in a partner incubator, including the Schoolab.
At the end of the 6 months of acceleration, Société Générale’s intrapreneurs presented their products and the results of their tests (several dozen tests were carried out by the supported projects both internally within the bank’s entities and externally with prospects and customers of the bank).

Today, several projects are being developed within the bank (notably with Greg, Insurance Coach) and outside Société Générale (notably with AWKN).


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