Community & Ecosystem

We help you build the best community to embody, promote and accelerate your innovation projects within your lab

Now that your lab is open, to reach it’s full potential, you’ll need to fill it with the right people and programs. 

To avoid your lab turning into a nicely decorated office, we’ll provide you with the best talents in community building, communication and choosing the events that will launch and promote the programs of your lab in your targeted ecosystem. 

Our expertise in operating and animating innovative places and associated communities will act as an accelerator for your lab.

Whether you are focused on creating links across your company’s business units, willing to bring the best start-ups and entrepreneurs to co-create products with your teams or broaden your influence in the innovation ecosystem, we’ll help you identify and mobilize the right actors for your lab.

Our team of community builders are dedicated to creating the best partnerships – meaning mobilizing the right partners and creating opportunities for collaboration – that will come alive in your lab. 

By spreading a mindset of open collaboration and an atmosphere in which everybody feels welcomed and valued, our community builders will help you turn your place into a real innovation hub.

The avantages of strengthening your innovation community

We leverage our ecosystem and proven expertise to strengthen your innovation community.

A 13 year-old ecosystem to be leveraged

Through the partnership with Schoolab, you will have access to our network of start-ups, entrepreneurs, students, experts and other corporates, to strengthen and broaden your community. Whether it’s through events, co-working or collaboration on projects, we can bring the best of our ecosystem to your innovation place.

A network of experienced community builders and office managers

Different nature of places and offices require different types of management. With the experience gained constructing our own innovative places, we are able to identify the best talents to manage your innovation labs.

A polyvalent offer from community building to acceleration  support

Our range of expertise enables us to provide you not only with the right skillset to animate your community, but also to act as support for the innovation projects that you will host.

Program Syllabus 

We help you identify the best talents to bring your space to life. Trained in our methodologies, our community builders will work closely with your collaborators, both internal and external, on shared projects to improve the fluidity and quality of interactions.

Events and Networking

We will organize a series of events, conferences and discovery sessions during which your employees will be able to learn more about the latest innovations and interact with entrepreneurs and experts from multidisciplinary ecosystems.


We will create content to promote your Lab to internal and external collaborators and coordinate a communication strategy  through pertinent channels (online and offline).

Training and Workshops 

Our community builders will punctuate the daily life of your Lab with training sessions in methodology and posture that will develop innovation within your company. We use our network of experts, facilitators, entrepreneurs and partners to create the best innovation sessions.

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We build the best custom-tailored teams to help you transform your company through innovation. If you have a specific request, don’t hesitate to contact us.