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We believe innovation is key to the transformation of your group, but we also understand that execution is not as easy as it sounds. In order to stay relevant and remain competitive, companies need to reinvent themselves, launch new products, services and businesses more and more rapidly that will bring always more value to their customers. And they need the right talents to do it.

We help you designing and launching the innovations that will spur growth, while training your employees, to work in a more agile and collaborative way, so as to spread a new culture throughout the company. Our programs will empower you with the right resources, environment and talents to embark on the journey of innovation with confidence and ambition. Whether it’s though acceleration tracks, intensive training, open innovation programs or ecosystem building, we bring your innovation strategy to the next level.

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We acculturate, train and coach your employees and top management to sustain a collective transformation within your company.

New places

We build the workspaces, labs, accelerators and bring the best of your company and our ecosystem and communities to embody your innovation policy.

Platform & tools

We develop tailored-made tools (platform and apps) for you to seamlessly monitor your transformation & innovation projects.

Coordinate in no time with all your teams, to share and exchange key information, documents and workplans.

New culture

We help your company build a future-proof vision, custom-tailored to who you are and to who you aspire to be.

New business

We help you ideate, incubate, accelerate and develop projects, that will turn into viable businesses.

Discover our products

Product acceleration

CPi Program

Création d’un Produit Innovant, or in english Creation of an Innovative Product Program. Join a multidisciplinary team (business, designers, and coders) of students to design and prototype the next great innovation.

Lean Factory

Turn your idea into a tangible concept and working prototype that will be tested by real consumers in a real environment.

Intrapreneurship Program

Empower your intrapreneurs with the methodologies and support to give reality to their winning ideas.

The Agency

Turn your concept and prototype to a real product, ready to scale.


Get ready for the market launch and get the best of growth hacking methodologies to scale your business up.

Startup Co Build

Source the best partners to co-develop with your existing business lines, your next product, service and business model and accelerate your growth.

Startup Studio

Excubate your project and get a turnkey solution to be launched in a record time, without the hassle.

New culture

Creativity & Innovation Workshops

Organize for one hour or for a week, creativity and innovation sessions that are made to last.

Learning Expeditions

Acculturate your teams by immersing them into an entrepreneurial environment and meet the most exciting start-ups of your industry

Le Bridge Executive

Become a Berkeley student and get an intensive training among the best entrepreneurs and lecturers to shape your next business.

Prospective & Market Watch

Get the latest trends of your industry and get an overview of the impactful technologies and behavioral changes, that are likely to disrupt your business.

Posture, Capabilities and Methodologies Trainings

Give a new boost to your trainings and empower your employees with the skillsets they need to reinvent themselves and support your company’s growth.

International Intensive Executive Trainings

Attend during several months the best-in-class training that have shaped successful entrepreneurs, from Paris to the US.


Challenge entrepreneurial teams to develop in record time your next offer and select the ideas & prototypes that will integrate your business lines.

Reverse Mentoring

Get the most of the Y&Z generations and create transgenerational bonds to foster learning and sharing.

Innovation Labs

Innovation Lab design & Launch

With the support of our partner Sodexo, design the perfect visitor experience, with an attention to details that only experts master (access, security, food, facilities, …)

Community & Ecosystem

Create the community and the ecosystem that will spur life into the place and will help your company connect, collaborate and co-build with the most exciting actors of your related industries.

Creativity & inno Workshop

Define the manifesto of your innovation hub and clarify its direct contribution to your company’s strategy, as well as its main usages and offers.

Coworking & Event


Immerse your teams in the Silicon Sentier and work alongside with start-ups, students and corporates to accelerate your innovation projects.


Meet and exchange with the most innovative start-ups and influencers to enhance your knowledge in the latest trends and to fuel inspiration for new business and collaboration.


Future-proof Ambition

Set an ambitious and attainable vision for your company, towards which all your stakeholders will be willing to contribute.

Action Map and Governance

Define the projects that will help you achieve your ambition in a structured and iterative way.

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We build the best custom-tailored teams to help transform your company through innovation. If you have a specific request, don’t hesitate to contact us.