CPi Program

Fresh perspectives and the energy of multidisciplinary teams working on your projects 

CPi (Creation of an Innovative Product) is the first multidisciplinary program established through three top French schools (ESSEC Business School, Centrale Supélec, Strate École de Design). Since 2005, more than 1500 students brought more than 150 innovative products to life. 

Entrust a team of talented students with one of your projects. There are two types of CPi projects and both can be created the same year. With CPi CONCEPT you work in a startup format on projects you would like to be developed and launched in a short term. And with CPi IMAGINE you are doing a prospective study on a large project. You are trying to answer the question: “what will your product or service look like on a horizon of 20-40 years?”

Launch your innovative solution in less than 6 months

A multidisciplinary team of 5-8 students from Centrale Supélec (engineering), ESSEC Business School (business) et Strate École de Design (design) will work on your project one day a week for a duration of 4-6 months. 

Co-design and co-create

You and your team will work closely with the students, participate in the co-creation and pilot the implementation. 

A project ready for deployment

CPi projects are not theoretical school projects but real solutions to real challenges. A good number of them have been implemented in less than 6 months  and have shown results in less than a year. 

What to expect during a CPi

For 6 months, a project team of students will work one day a week on the project of your choice. From observation to conception, to prototyping to launching the most innovative solution.

Observe and problematize

Prior to breaking ground on your project, present your company and issues to the students. According to the methodology of Design Thinking, your team of students will take time to observe your users and clientele, your competitors and other areas of activity to give you a complete and coherent analysis of the current situation and ecosystem. Observations will lead to a more clearly defined problematization of your project.

Design and prototype

Thereafter, you and the students together will build the solutions. Based on your objectives, you will choose the best fitting to implement. The team will prototype your solution with the goal of large scale implementation within your organization. 

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