Creativity & Innovation Workshops

Unleash the creativity of your team to imagine your innovations of tomorrow!

What if your collaborators were creative? We believe over the course of a few hours during one of our creativity and innovation workshops we can show you and your team exactly that. Whether you’re a group of 10 or 200, if you have just a day or a whole week, we structure workshops that will put the creativity of your team at the forefront and at the best service of the company.

The avantages of the creativity & innovation workshops

A practical exercise that reveals creative potential.

We will work with your team in small groups where everyone is free to express themselves and contribute. We assign an experienced facilitator to each group to guide, reassure and unlock the creative potential of each team member.

Addressing your business challenges.

Our workshops are not team building exercises, they are above all an answer to distinct social or professional needs. Your team will work on specific issues that concern you and the outcome of the workshop is centered around the response to the initial problem.

An occasion to shake up traditional hierarchies.

In this type of workshop, the voice of every participant counts as much as the next. We consider it a priority that every employee express themselves openly regardless of their role in the company. It is not only an opportunity for each participant to have their opinions validated but also for their managers to hear unfiltered thoughts and feelings in vibrant and friendly atmosphere.

Schoolab supervises all aspects of coordination and planning of events.

With confidence and experience we handle the logistical planning, preparation and administration of the event. We adapt to your communication tools and facilities. We can also arrange catering service and workspace.

The workshop highlights

Reformulate the problem

It is essential to properly define the scope of the work, understand needs and be able to communicate them clearly.

Creativity phase

This is a moment to encourage out-of-the-ordinary solutions and let one’s imagination take hold.

Producing tangible concepts

Good ideas deserve to be materialized to go further. We use fast prototyping and pitching to incarnate the imagined concepts. This permits sharing, testing, and further exploration thereafter.

High energy exercices

The workshop must above all be a comfortable moment for all those involved. We will lead and create a rythme for the day so that everyone feels at ease while stepping out of their comfort zone.

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