Individual Innovation trainings

Train your teams in new methods of working and the culture of innovation

Offer your employees the most comprehensive training on the new methods of working and the culture of innovation.  

Schoolab proposes a complete catalogue of training, referenced by OPCA, in every form of discipline of innovation (lean startup, intrapreneurialism, design thinking, ideation, pitch, entrepreneurialism…)

Offer your employees innovative training of “learning by doing


A complete catalogue of training

your employees can choose from a long list of possible training linked to innovation and entrepreneurialism. Depending on their needs and career paths, they can learn or perfect the subjects that most interest them. 


An innovative methodology tested and proven of “learning by doing”

For the last 10 years, Schoolab has never stopped perfecting pedagogy. The training sessions span across theory and practice, allowing the trainees to rapidly integrate the basics of innovation and use them as effective tools for the rest of their career.


Training managed by certified Schoolab professionals

All of our training sessions are lead by experts in their field and know how to manage with finesse. 

Training sessions adapt to your needs

personalized training

The duration of the training can be adapted according to your needs and those of your employees. A half-day or several days, determined by your needs.

mixed pedagogy

A mix of theory and practice will allow your employees to easily appropriate the different notions in a friendly and dynamic atmosphere.

Effective tools

In parallel, a shared platform and individualized monitoring tools will allow you and your staff to follow the progress.

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We build the best custom-tailored teams to help you transform your company through innovation. If you have a specific request, don’t hesitate to contact us.