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Create and animate your laboratory and innovation centre with Schoolab

Do you open or operate a space dedicated to innovation and want to be accompanied in a call-to-arms of your team and its management? Do you want to make your innovation workshop the vehicle for accelerating your programs and the preferred meeting point of your business network?

Innovation Lab design and animation

  • Why create an innovation lab?

    Accelerate your innovation efforts by creating an innovation lab.

  • Schoolab helps you design, launch and operate your innovation lab.

  • Whether it’s defining its service offering, fine-tuning its layout, or supporting collaborative teams and partners, we help you bring your innovation lab to life.

Xavier Kutalian
Lab d'Innovation director of M95 by GRDF
“ Through their commitment, expertise, flexibility, and ecosystem, Schoolab has enabled the M95 to become a reference point for those who want to explore and experience all facets of innovation. ”
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lab created by Schoolab with its customers
employees working in one of our third places

Our secret to a Living Innovation Lab

An active community and high value-added programs - a lively and efficient lab We believe that the physical environment plays a key role in the vitality of your innovation programs and your communities.

innovation lab hackathon
Framing a Project to Create A Lab: Objectives, Definition of Operating Procedures (targeted objectives, operating models, service offerings, performance indicators, team system,... )
innovation lab
Launching a lab: site layout, launch organization, communication strategy and team training
innovation lab
Animating your communities: defining and mobilizing key stakeholders around your innovation lab through communication, events and influential actions
innovation lab innovation hackathon design thinking formation prototypage rapide impression 3d prototypage imprimante 3d couleur pour prototypage rapide Conseil d'orientation imprimante 3d prototypage outil de prototypage prototypage design thinking prototypage rapide définition prototypage sketch prototypage ux accélérer l'innovation industrielle grâce au prototypage analyse
Lab operation: setting up and operating programs with a high value-add for your innovation lab (intrapreneurship, training, events, coaching projects, open innovation,...)

20th innovation labs created and animated in 5 years

The innovation lab (open innovation lab, corpo-working space, corporate accelerator, internal incubator, corporate university,...) is a great tool for your efforts, as well as a key tool for transforming the way your company works and bringing your projects to fruition.

Innovation Lab: Launch of L’Oréal’s MYT Innovation Site

“ 800 m2 dedicated to technological innovation for the global leading cosmetics group ”

— Carine, L'Oréal MYT - , "Our goal was to create an innovation center fostering encounters and creativity."

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M95: launch of an innovation centre with GRDF

“ 300m2 dedicated to the group's coworking space where employees can freely go to work. It's a unique place where we can meet atypical profiles! ”

— M95 Member,

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Launch of 44, the innovation centre of Crédit Agricole Assurances

“ 500 m2 dedicated to the group's innovative training and projects ”

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Schoolab - Some advices to start your business

Why create and animate an innovation lab?

We believe that the physical environment plays a key role in the vitality of your innovation programs and communities. Define the most relevant service offering for your innovation lab and harness the best of your internal and external business networks to bring your programming and new reach to life.

  • The innovation lab: accelerating transformation

    The innovation lab: accelerating transformation
    The innovation lab (open innovation lab, corpo-working space, corporate accelerator, internal incubator, corporate university, etc.) is a formidable tool at the service of your approaches and a key vector in the transformation of your company’s working methods.

  • How to create your innovation lab?

    How to create your innovation workshop?
    In order for the innovation lab not to be limited to a pleasantly arranged space, it is important to define its purpose. Schoolab helps you during an observation phase to identify the key success factors for your innovation lab and to specify the expected results, such as the operating methods (objectives, operating models, service offer, performance indicators, team structure, etc.). Thanks to its expertise in several innovation labs (Société Générale, L’Oreal, KPMG, Sanofi, GRDF, Credit Agricole Assurances, etc.), Schoolab provides you with the reflexes and methodologies necessary for the successful launch of your innovation lab.

  • How to create your innovation lab?

    How to create your innovation lab?
    What kind of innovation lab to create?
    Innovation labs or innovative workspaces cover a plurality of realities, both in terms of their objectives and their form. Whether they are open innovation labs, internal incubators, or project platforms dedicated to innovation, it is necessary to approach each project to create a space, taking into account the specificities of the organisation and the teams that will take it on. To avoid falling into the trap of a stereotyped and empty innovation lab, we strive to co-create, with your teams and partners, the most appropriate device to facilitate and accelerate your innovation process. Schoolab draws on its experience at the crossroads of site, programme and community management to design your lab in a unique way.

  • How to animate your innovation space?

    How to animate your innovation space?
    There is no point in having an innovation lab if it is not animated. Too many companies focus on the physical layout of the place, to the detriment of its daily operation. We are convinced that a successful innovation lab is the fine combination of a diverse and committed community and a relevant service offer for your users (training, workshops, meetings, facilitation, mentoring, …). Schoolab trains your lab teams and joins them so that your innovation lab is a real driving force in the transformation of your working methods and the development of your projects, by leading the daily programming and service offer that will mobilize your community.

  • Our tips for launching your innovation centre

    To ensure that your innovation lab is truly an effective and relevant tool at the service of your projects and that it benefits all of your target communities, before each mission, we conduct an in-depth observation phase on the needs of collaborators/partners, as well as a review of your organization’s operating methods. Our challenge is to help you design an innovation lab and a program, specific to your business and HR issues, and to enable your location to take on its full potential.


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