Innovation Lab Community Tool

Easily manage the animation of your Innovation Lab Center and launch open innovation challenges

The “Inside” Innovation Lab Management software is dedicated to community and innovation places management.

Pick up the most relevant ideas, engage a community and reveal skills.

Follow the progress of a program, access to educational resources, give a collaboration space to your team to interact with coaches and mentors.

Manage your innovation lab communities and innovative places with our new software.

A tool to manage your Innovation Lab events and residents

  • A tool for managing places, Innovation Lab spaces, planning for room reservations, management of residents and visitors.

  • Access your location News Feed, Program Information, Teams and Members (past/current projects, expertise, etc.).

  • Features to help Lab Managers: Event organization, display on external screens, management and registration tracking.

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Carine Sit
Head of Lab Innovation
“ This innovation lab management tool is a significant time saver for Lab Managers ”
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An internal communication tool

Speed up link-building in your innovation centres

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Statistics: Monitoring the community and its organisation (programs, teams, managers...)
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Contracts/Invoicing: Contract management and recurring and exceptional billing
Users and access: Access is assigned based on program entry dates
White Brand - Personalization: Domain Name, Graphic Charter, SSO (Authentication), Customization of Many Settings
Schoolab - Some advices to start your business

3 reasons to take a tool to improve your Innovation Lab Management

Inside is distributed in SaaS, with a common base code for all instances, so each update benefits all of our customers. With Inside in the pre-marketing phase, Schoolab is looking for a partner who can challenge and co-build the next features of our product.

  • Innovative laboratory management tool in White Label


    • domain name
    • Graphic
    • many settings (restriction access….)


    • Email
    • SSO Enterprise
    • LinkedIn, Google…


    • Compliance with EU Regulation 2016/679 (RGPD)
    • Privacy policy aligned with your ISP’s requirements


    • Accommodation Sales Force Europe
  • All the news from your innovation lab in a tool


    Important “not to be missed” events are highlighted with the possibility of sorting them by location.

    News Feed

    Important articles are relayed to the entire community.


    Event registrations, bookings and user team news are displayed.

    Events corresponding to a member’s interests are highlighted in the dashboard and sent by email.

  • Room reservation and space management tool


    Organized by location, support of timezones and display of information on a space (capacity, location, hardware…).

    Rights management

    Visibility and booking permissions managed based on a team’s participation in a program or a user’s rights (Visitor, Member, O.M….).

    Mode administered

    Managing requests for bookings in a space that requires the validation of an Office Manager.


    Visibility of the slots occupied by an event, access to the event information.

  • Internal and external event management tool

    Event page

    Event presentation page (visibility management). Members and visitors can register, invite and share the event.

    Visitors and members

    Managed registration on inside, personalized account creation path (export stats qualification of participants).

    External broadcast

    (to come) Option to broadcast public events on Eventbrite…


    Management of the organizers, speakers, caterers and the equipment necessary to set up the event. Export of the occupancy schedule from a space to an external calendar (Outlook…)

  • Office Manager software

    Location Management and Innovation Lab Management Tool

    A location presentation sheet with:

    • practical info: location, access, wifi, photos…
    • list of Offices Managers (O.M.)
    • events to come
    • list of spaces by floor and type (coworking, meeting rooms, phonebox, kitchen…)

    Office Managers (O.M.)

    The O.M.s. can, via the administration interface to make the management of innovation lab:

    • edit spaces in a place (capacity, hardware, type…)
    • manage the residents, teams and programs of each location
    • manage the visibility of spaces for programs and teams (invisible, visible, reservable)
  • Community management software

    Research in the innovation lab management tool

    Search for community members by: team, name, hobbies, expertise.

    The new registrants are highlighted (“new heads”).


    Team presentation sheet with: contact information, photos, seniority, location, team members, description, tags, events…


    A member’s presentation sheet with: contact information, photo, seniority, social networklinks, interests, expertise, recommendations and teams.


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