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Innovation Hub in Asia - Vietnam

Spaces to train, innovate, accelerate projects and incubate start-ups or work with students and large groups.

Coworking spaces at the heart of a place of innovation in Vietnam . We strive to create a daily ecosystem conducive to collaboration around innovation.

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Innovation programs in Vietnam

Schoolab launches two innovation programs in Ho Chi Minh City Schoolab is an innovation studio Our mission is to transform organizations through innovation, making their forces more agile and entrepreneurial.

Schoolab Vietnam: Innovation center in Asia

We accelerate projects led by start-ups, public organizations and large corporations.

  • Our innovation program in Vietnam

    accelerated project
    Accelerated startups in Paris and San Francisco
    M $
    raised by these startups since 2014
    Discover our programs by Schoolab @ INTEK
    Start-Up Program
    Starter is a 6-month incubation program for young start-up companies that move from an idea to a market-ready product or service.
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    Talent and innovation factory
    Talent & Innovation Factory is a 4-month program for companies looking to get an idea accelerated by a multidisciplinary team of young innovators.
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    Our strategic partner and host

    INTEK – Institute of Applied Technology
    INTEK is an IT engineering institute born out of the desire to offer young IT talent a platform to grow on the world stage. INTEK is tackling the education revolution head-on by giving young talent the gift of emancipation. INTEK has chosen not only to impart knowledge, but also to teach students to learn and think in a rapidly changing world. And with these timeless skills, INTEK cultivates lifelong learners capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century.

  • Innovation center : Doing business in Vietnam with our startup incubator

    Turn your idea into a real business with Starter by Schoolab @ INTEK
    Join our 6-month incubation program to move from an idea to a market-ready product or service.

    Why join Schoolab Starter?
    Starter is a 6-month incubation program for start-up companies that takes an idea from the ground up to a market-ready product or service.

    We are convinced that the next generation has the necessary mindset to meet the challenges facing our society. Our program has been created to give them the skills

    70% are still in business
    35 M $ high since 2014
    Why Starter Schoolab @ INTEK in Vietnam?
    composed of 3 intensive training camps, weekly workshops (Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking and Lean Startup) and monthly mentoring

    in a user-friendly environment for INTEK with daily interactions with highly qualified students and technical mentors

    150 monthly fee
    corresponding to the average price of a collaborative workspace, with all the support you need to create your startups

  • Startup incubator in Hanoi: how to do business abroad?

    Our program to become the next successful entrepreneur
    For a week you will learn how to live, work and die with your co-founders, partners, teammates and the rest of the lot. We believe it is essential to create a team spirit to take the long road of entrepreneurship.
    Be prepared!

    The first month is devoted to questioning your idea by focusing on your main target and their needs. Using the Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies, you will quickly build a product that can be tested, sold and improved.
    The goal: to help you build your prototype in record time!

    The second month is dedicated to the acquisition of your first users! This is a crucial step during which our local and international experts will help you define your brand, design a powerful marketing strategy and stimulate the growth of your market.
    The goal: to help you get your users and customers in one month!

    Get ready for investors! The focus is now on growth, traction and fundraising. We provide you with the skills you need to be ready to grow. Legal workshops, Investor Deck training and trading applications will help you take your start-up to the next level without selling too many shares.
    The goal is to be ready to grow!

    After the Achievement Party, our dedicated program team will work with you to develop a strategy to identify the best mentors to help you grow in your field.

  • Innovation hub in Vietnam

    Fostering innovation, revealing and attracting talent. Offer a fresh look at your projects with a dedicated multidisciplinary team of young experts!                               The program starts in June 2019 Hosted by Why Talent & Innovation Factory of Schoolab @ INTEK? OPEN INNOVATION Get out of your comfort zone and expertise by working in a different environment to discover the next breakthrough innovation. DESIGN THOUGHT Solve your problem and come up with an idea using an innovation process based on user needs identification, rapid prototyping and constant iteration INTRAPRENEURIAT Provide a work environment that encourages and rewards entrepreneurship, individual initiative and risk taking.

Our solutions to innovate

Find out our offers

Open Innovation Challenges Software

Innovative project management tool: decentralizing decision-making, challenging processes

project management tool

Innovation Lab Community Tool

Discover Schoolab's custom-made digital platforms designed for innovation.

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3 ideas to launch your innovation policy and strategy quickly

We help you define your strategic priorities in terms of innovation, using the best methodologies, with a pragmatic approach based on understanding your business.

  • Defining an innovation change strategy

    Defining a change strategy
    For a successful transformation policy, the change strategy must be defined upstream with a clear definition of the objectives to be achieved. Here are a few examples:

    The operational efficiency of employees
    Putting the customer at the centre of attention to better meet his expectations
    Rethinking decision-making processes and company organisation
    Evolving platforms and technology to accelerate digital transformation

  • Train your teams on innovation management

    Train your teams in innovation management
    In order to face the many challenges imposed by the digital transformation, learning and coaching remain essential to the success of any structure that decides to adopt a new organization.

    Find out how we support you at every stage of your project:

    Creativity workshop
    Agile Coach
    Animation of innovation communities

Trusted by Fortune 500

To accelerate their digital transformation, large groups, SMEs and NGOs have contacted us to innovate.

Hackathon 36h to reinvent the board – For Consult-in France

“ 80 students from 27 schools gathered to reinvent the consulting profession ”

— O'Neal Hackathon participant, It was exhausting, but I learned how to start an entrepreneurial project in record time!

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BNP trains its employees at pitch

“ About 30 employees trained in public speaking and commercial pitch ”

— BNP, Directeur de programme, "J'ai adoré le format l'alternance et mise en pratique. Mais le point fort de la formation est d'après moi le côté activable dans l'immédiat"

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Creative seminar for an international law firm

“ 10 selected internal project ideas 2 launched within 3 months following seminars ”

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Our offers in San Francisco

Take advantage of our presence in Silicon Valley to create new partnerships, learn new methods and explore new markets.

Coworking, Offices and Innovation Program in Silicon Valley

Setting up his business in the United States, launching his startup in the silicon valley, ... check out our offers at Schoolab Silicon Valley.


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