Innovation Lab Design & Launch

We design the innovation lab tailored to your needs

You want to open an innovation lab? You want to get closer to an innovative ecosystem of start-ups, entrepreneurs and experts? You want to turn your workplace into a hub where talents can meet and co-create? You are looking to accelerate the shift towards new ways of working through an innovative office setup?

Whether it’s within the facilities of your company office or outplaced in a third-place, we support you in the conception, design and operation of your innovation place. 

We believe innovative workplaces to be a key driver to promote and accelerate your transformation strategy and the adoption of new ways of working within your employees and partners.

But innovative and collaborative workplaces are not (only) about furniture and nicely-decorated rooms.


Going beyond interior design, we deliver experience design

If interior design plays a key role in the DNA of your workplace and culture, we know that it takes much more to turn an office into a lever for your innovation. To maximize the impact of such a place, we also help you in the definition of your lab raison d’être and services offer, in the governance and associated metrics to manage it and in the branding and communication strategy for all your stakeholders.

A turnkey offer for less hassle

We offer you a comprehensive support, that include usage design, manifesto definition, interior design, branding, communication, governance recommendations, project monitoring and program design.

The best architects as partners

We work with architects who benefit from a wide experience in the design of innovative workplaces, offices and third places. Our combined expertise enable us to quickly identify the key success factors and mistakes to be avoided in such projects.

A tailored offer according to your needs and budget

Whether you want to boot-strap an innovation floor within existing places or open a whole building dedicated to your innovation, we can support you in your project and adapt our methodologies accordingly.

An expertise built on success stories

We have done it before. For ourselves and for others. We have built an expertise based on real cases and can leverage our knowledge to support your next success.

From ideation to execution: your innovation lab coming to life

We also support you in setting up governance and defining the associated KPIs to steer its activity. Finally, we design and implement a branding and communication strategy, which will extend its influence and impact to all of your stakeholders.

Our comprehensive offer will help you launch successfully your innovation lab and to turn it into a to an accelerator for your transformation goals.

Needs understanding and Structuration

This first phase will enable you to refine your project and setup a clear strategy for your innovation lab. We work in a collaborative way, gathering information from your key stakeholders, as to design a place really tailored to your users needs. Thanks to these insights, we will be able to design the manifesto of your lab.

Space design and Branding

We call for the best architects, able to translate your users needs into a personalized space design. They will be working hand in hand with your teams, to draw architectural options, and select the best experts to turn the selected floor plans into reality. We are also leveraging our team of artistic directors to work on the branding of your place.

Follow-up and Launch

Our team of architects will follow-up the construction work until the place is open. In the meantime, we will work with your teams to prepare the launch of your innovation lab.

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We build the best custom-tailored teams to help you transform your company through innovation. If you have a specific request, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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