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Keys not to miss your innovation policy

How do you get your business to drive change effectively? Disruption, uberisation, digitalization, innovation today sound like abstract concepts on which all companies and startups surf. But it is behind these terms in the age of time that lies the strategy for succeeding in your change and innovation policy. Follow Schoolab, your guide to business innovation!

  • Understanding disruption and uberisation to make your innovation policy a success

    Disruption, what does this concept mean?

    Disruption corresponds to an upheaval in the established order and in the field of new technologies, we will speak of technological disruption to designate the emergence of a new type of product or service that introduces innovation in user consumption habits.

    When uberisation goes beyond disruption, the model example

    The best-known example is the American company Uber, created in 2009, which has been able to disrupt the VTC (driverless passenger vehicles) sector. This technological disruption has had such an impact on society that the term uberisation is now commonly used and also refers to the development of the collaborative economy. According to a PwC study for the European Commission, the turnover of companies and collaborative platforms could be around 83 billion euros by 2025. In short, startups are embarking on the digitalization of all types of services, while large companies must pursue a policy of driving change essential to remain competitive. 

  • The challenges of innovation in your business

    In principle, the definition of innovation is the ability to improve what already exists, i.e. to make an improvement through a new product or service. There is no doubt that today, innovation is essential within the company and manifests itself in all forms. It is therefore up to each structure to find the innovation that corresponds to it. 

  • What is a successful innovation policy? Schoolab is with you!

    As part of your innovation policy, Schoolab supports all players, startups and large groups through an understanding of the environment of technological disruptions and the tools and talents to lead the right change and Optimal. As an innovation studio, Schoolab offers you to bring together all the elements to offer you the most effective support in your innovation policy.

  • Towards the end of innovation consulting firms?

    To achieve a successful and successful innovation policy in a company, supportand and acceleration in the process of driving change is paramount. This is what Schoolab proposes with its innovation studio, which allows us to experiment with methodologies and methods of multidisciplinary collaborations. In that sense, it is not a traditional innovation consulting firm. A classic innovation consulting firm will focus on launching an innovative product for you, rather than teaching you how to innovate on your own. This process prevents real change and acculturation of your teams. Schoolab helps you launch your own innovations: your teams carry the projects directly. They are thus more involved, driven and trained in innovation and agile methods.

  • The innovation studio, the best solution for your innovation policy

    The digital revolution and digitalization today require understanding disruptive innovations and uberisation to establish an innovation management that respects your business and your human resources management issues. “When it comes to innovation strategy, there is no miracle recipe, there is not a model that goes to everyone,” explains Julien Fayet, co-founder of Schoolab. “You have to know how to put people at the heart of their innovation policy,” he says. 

    For all these reasons, the innovation studio Schoolab offers different offers to accompany the digital transformation of your company and thus develop your growth through innovation.

  • Human resources at the heart of innovation policy and your drive for change

    Human resources, the key to an effective innovation policy

    The key to a successful innovation policy? Manage to take all your teams and employees in the same boat to sail towards a common vision. How do you implement your innovation strategy to make it effective? Understand that human resources are at the heart of companies’ digitalization strategy. Indeed, human capital is the key to a successful change drive. To do this, we must not neglect training and communication in-house because the transition management will be strategic in your innovation policy. Your employees are the first points of contact with your opportunities for technological innovation and growth.

    “To bring the company to a real digital transformation, we must encourage the creation of living organisms of innovation. We need to move towards a less mechanical and more organic universe,” explains Julien Fayet, co-founder of Schoolab. It is therefore within your company that digital transformation is cultivated in order to create the environment conducive to disruptive innovations and the potential for uberisation. And it is the role of the innovation studio Schoolab to showcase these disruptive talents through support tailored to the needs of all types of companies. Indeed, Schoolab’s method is to show that there is not a single recipe for innovating but rather a method specific to each structure.

  • What are the mistakes to avoid when launching your innovation policy?

    Think that there is a unique method and do not get the right people right from the beginning of your behavior of change. Any company that embarks on a process of digital transformation and digitalization must be able to define its precise objectives. And secondly, it must understand that it is important to involve all its employees and to focus on good communication in-house in order to succeed in the innovation strategy. 

    Schoolab’s various offers for businesses will allow you to conduct your change and innovation policy effectively through meeting and emulation with various key players in innovation and French tech. : startups, young entrepreneurs, large groups, students, large schools, etc. Schoolab’s two innovation studios in the heart of Paris have become a must-see in the French capital for any digital company with high innovation potential.

They launched their innovations with Schoolab

These companies have launched their innovation strategies and achieved their goals.

Hackathon 36h to reinvent the board – For Consult-in France

“ 80 students from 27 schools gathered to reinvent the consulting profession ”

— O'Neal Hackathon participant, It was exhausting, but I learned how to start an entrepreneurial project in record time!

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Farming teams with Sonepar Hackathon

“ 80 participants including 30 General Country Managers and Top Managers, 20 facilitators as well as 20 hackers and startups. 5 innovative projects were launched: the hackathon was a big success both externally and within our teams ”

— D. Lebel ,

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Creative seminar for an international law firm

“ 10 selected internal project ideas 2 launched within 3 months following seminars ”

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