Innovation Strategy

We help you innovate, a fundamental tool in your transformation strategy

Innovation is an invaluable strength of an organization only when shaped in a clear, future-proof vision. It is thus essential that it be aligned with the group’s overarching strategy and confronts the main challenges. Unfortunately, all too often companies launch multiple innovative projects without being able to measure their strategic advantages.

In order for your innovative projects to be a success, maximizing impact across the organization, we guide you in defining a central ambition and the steps needed to achieve it. 

Based on an assessment of your goals and an examination of your culture, we assist you in developing your global vision and innovation strategy. 

What we can do you for you 


A comprehensive diagnostic using new methods 

Innovative methods inspired by Design Thinking to make an extensive analysis of your organization.


An in-depth understanding of large companies

More than 10 years of experience in accelerating innovation projects for corporations has provided us with an inside and detailed understanding of how innovation works best in large companies.


A dynamic approach to analysis

An understanding of innovation from the perspective of both a project and culture.


 An inspired and forward-thinking vision

A piece of advice from the innovative ecosystems in France, San Francisco, Cape Town, Singapore, is to nourish your vision with emerging technologies, trends and new players.


 Easily applicable training

Tried and tested by experience and qualification, our methods and training can be put into direct and concrete actions. 

Our approach in support of your vision in 6 key points 


A phase of active observation to support a dynamic analysis of culture, project, tools, etc, not a series of static interviews, in order to better understand your organization and in what way can we best approach a review of your innovation devices.

analysis of innovation tools

An analysis of innovation devises, their strengths and weaknesses, according to 6 key factors: methodologies used, existing skills, performance measurement systems, projected impact on the organization, durability of projects, and modes of governance and piloting. 

digital diagnostic tools

If relevant, we help you prototype the first actions you want to implement and create a roadmap, followed by follow-up workshops.


To help build a future-proof vision, it is important to have a pragmatic approach, ambitious but achievable, that takes in to account your culture and changes to your enviornment.


We prototype and test all of our recommendations in the context of your business and develop both vision and solutions in a collaborative way to ensure their durability and adaptability for all your employees. 


Once we have set a plan of action, we can begin to co-construct a course to succeed. In other words, a roadmap, associated responsibilities, governance and functions. We also provide you with the digital tools to help drive innovation.

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