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How to avoid disruption by creating an innovative product?

Today the future has never been so difficult to predict. Every month, digitalisation, startups and disruptive innovations are changing entire industries.

The only way to stay ahead is to create and launch innovative products.

Learn how to create a prototype within 3 months, build innovative products with students or start an intrapreneurship program.

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Creating Business Innovative Product with Students (CPI)

How to launch innovative products quickly?

To reinvent themselves, companies must understand their market but not only: field observation and applying the Design Thinking method can be very useful ressources. It's also important to make analogies with other sectors to fully understand weak signals. Many companies did not question themselves when they had to.

  • To avoid uberisation and disruption: create innovative products

    Driving the change of a business strategy is a whole. Indeed, this involves corporate culture, processes, but often begins with the innovation of a product or service that proves the merits of a nascent market. 

    Product or service innovations are not only linked to new technologies. Sometimes it’s a matter of revising uses and reinventing them in a market so that success is real. For example, Doctolib has reinvented the online appointment (raising funds of 150 million euros in 2019 with 75,000 doctors in its directory).

  • Schoolab: an Innovation Centre that fosters creativity

    Schoolab is an innovation studio that differs from traditional consulting firms because of its methods, pedagogy and ecosystem that are nothing like what can be found elsewhere.

    For 16 years, Schoolab has been able to build an ecosystem that fosters creativity by mixing together schools, startups, big companies and freelancers who are experts in all disciplines (design, engineering, business, art, humanities, etc.).

  • The Design Thinking and Lean Startup method for rapid prototyping

    The methods used by Schoolab are a mix between Design Thinking and Lean Startup. This is by no way near the traditional image of consultants giving a report made of slides at the end of the project. The goal of SL is to push the company’s teams to do, to involve them in the mission by integrating them on the model of collective intelligence and co-creativity.

  • Cultivating innovation teams by being a teacher

    Education is at the heart of the mission. The goal is to pass on methods, observations and reading keys to the company’s project teams so that the team can move forward on its own afterwards. To do this, the teams regularly work with our project teams to learn and train themselves in contact with method experts at home.

  • How can you succeed in your product innovation?

    • Observation: Understanding the origin of the problem, market segmentation, portrait of typical users (buyer personas marketing), their user journey etc. 
    • The idea and creation of an innovative product: Thanks to the state of the existing, companies and students to brainstorm, and propose concepts of solutions during the phase of creativity. This phase allows new solutions to emerge that students will dig into the prototyping phase 
    • Prototyping: In this phase students will advance in “test and learn” and “quick and dirty”. The goal is to create the meeting between the product and the market quickly and to improve the product by iteration.  
    • The launch of an innovative product: The goal is to achieve a prototype v0 taking into account all the remarks of the previous phase, and to work on the business model, marketing, communication to prepare a future launch. 
  • Intrapreneurship to launch innovations faster

    On the one hand, intrapreneurship enables people to gain skills in innovation projects development and to spread an innovation culture within the company. On the other hand, it helps companies to develop an innovation portfolio.

10 years of experience135 projects launched

Pioneerin in France since 2004, our product creation and launch programs bring together engineering students, designers and marketing managers, with partner companies, on new product creations, services or process, destined to be launched or implemented.

GRDF trains their employees to innovate

“ 170 employees trained in innovation: Design Thinking, rapid prototyping, public speaking... With a 91% satisfaction rate. ”

— M. Thierry, Program Lead

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Learning Expedition in New York: Exploring PropTech

“ 7 days in New York on the future of PropTech for Vinci Real Estate's COMEX: the trip helped us align our vision and orient our innovation strategy with concrete projects ”

— Diego Harari, Vinci Real Estate Innovation Director

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Farming teams with Sonepar Hackathon

“ 80 participants including 30 General Country Managers and Top Managers, 20 facilitators as well as 20 hackers and startups. 5 innovative projects were launched: the hackathon was a big success both externally and within our teams ”

— D. Lebel ,

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Hackathon 36h to reinvent the board – For Consult-in France

“ 80 students from 27 schools gathered to reinvent the consulting profession ”

— O'Neal Hackathon participant, It was exhausting, but I learned how to start an entrepreneurial project in record time!

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M95: launch of an innovation centre with GRDF

“ 300m2 dedicated to the group's coworking space where employees can freely go to work. It's a unique place where we can meet atypical profiles! ”

— M95 Member,

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