Lean Factory

With Lean Factory : Roll out your new projects

The Lean Factory is a program that allows to create, test and approve concepts of new products or services. For 2 to 4 months, innovative products are accelerated at Schoolab by a team of multidisciplinary young innovators and a project leader.

The avantages of Lean Factory

Break down barriers: innovative products are all too often slowed down by internal obstacles and a lack of agile and multidisciplinary skillsets. 

From an idea to a tested and approved prototype

By integrating the Lean Factory, the incubated projects arrive in the space of a few months to the phase of prototyping, tested and validated.

Jump into the adventure of a Lean Startup

A multidisciplinary team and intrapreneurs work and learn together during the projects.

A tailor-made program adhering to the Lean Startup approach to accelerate your project.

The project team immerses themselves in the subject by observing the users on the ground and by analyzing the market to understand the real needs of the target and identifying the opportunities to create value.

Imagine solutions

The team imagines innovative concepts that respond to the issues raised by insights learned and determines the best solutions to test. 

Test the concepts on real users

The team prototypes the concept and tests as soon as possible with users to ensure the feasibility and the usefulness of the product to then better iterate.

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