LeBridge Entrepreneurship

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The only program in Europe between Silicon Valley
and Paris

Many people talk about entrepreneurship in France, quoting the best principles, trying to explain the best methods, though sometimes, without mentioning what it’s really all about. How about really living it?

Not only in books, videos, master classes, or other conferences, but by being in there yourself.

Live 4 full months in Berkeley, from August to December and learn everything you need to know to find your idea, test your concept, find your perfect co-founders and VCs.

Back in France, spend another 4 months, from March to June, in the hottest place to create and innovate, the Schoolab in Paris, to innovate and accelerate your startup. 

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We don’t only offer a bridge, we offer 10 months to change your life.

LeBridge Entrepreneurship targets students from all disciplines and backgrounds interested in innovation and startup creation. We are convinced that you need to have fun everyday to enhance your entrepreneurial journey. Be ready to play games, to face the most innovative approach, to be surprised, to discover and be inspired. We have designed this for you.

Be more creative

Being different will bring more creativity and we love that. This includes bringing boys and girls from different nationalities.

No idea needed

You don’t need to already have an idea of business to apply to LeBridge Entrepreneurship. 

What to expect during your participation at Le Bridge program

You will participate to Learn2Launch Le Bridge Entrepreneurship program: a 10 month curriculum that gives students a deep understanding of innovation and the entrepreneurial process.

This program gathers up students from top-tier universities across the world and teaches them to launch their startup by building multidisciplinary team.

4 months of courses at UC Berkeley

You will participate in the Learn2Launch Le Bridge Entrepreneurship program from August to December: participate in entrepreneurship courses, enroll in courses from the entire faculty of Berkeley, take advantage of the entrepreneurial ecosystem…

6 months of incubation at Schoolab

You will then be incubated at Schoolab from April to September in our early-stage Starter acceleration program. Meet mentors and experts to develop your project.

The program objectives

We helping you to find a team and how to launch a startup thanks to UC Berkeley courses. So you can grow your start-up and network in both Silicon Valley and France.

Offices in the heart Paris

Benefit from Schoolab’s ideal location. In the heart of Sentier, the Startup district of Paris, the nerve center of Parisian entrepreneurship.

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We build the best custom-tailored teams to help you transform your idea into a startup. If you have a specific request, don’t hesitate to contact us.