Le Bridge Executive

The 1st transatlantic education program between Paris and Silicon Valley.

Le Bridge Executive is the 1st transatlantic program for continuing education, between Paris and Silicon Valley, in partnership with UC Berkley and its most distinguished professors.

Le Bridge Executive education program is the occasion for an enterprise to train its employees, representatives, to create and drive the culture of innovation at the heart of the company.

It’s a unique opportunity to train a whole generation of corporate entrepreneurs in your company. 

We unleash corporate entrepreneurs

The ever-changing landscape forces large corporations to transform and become more agile. 
To have a structure more adaptable, you need ambitious employees, so the company as a whole becomes more ambitious.

To reinvent from the inside, large corporations need corporate entrepreneurs. A corporate entrepreneur is neither an entrepreneur nor an employee like any other, they hold the three keys, skillset et toolset.


It encourages the removal of the obstacles to organizational change to become a relay of internal change.


The urge, desire and ability to convince and encourage others to join the adventure of innovative change.


Using a shared toolbox to supervise the changes, actors within the company align for the foremost objective, value creation for the end user.

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The steps of the program

1.Selection of participants

As a first step, we will guide you on :
– The needs of your ecosystem in terms of innovation and entreprenariat
– Identification of the project leaders using our evaluation charts
– The selection of the project leaders by jury (you and Schoolab)

2.Getting started seminar in Paris

At this phase, we provide the fundamentals necessary to appropriate the culture of innovation and entrepreneurialism and the step-by-step process of completing an innovation project


2 1⁄2 days of workshops :
– Managing change and innovation in your corporation – Prototype to pitch better, Visit to UC Berkeley, Palo Alto
1⁄2 day of creativity workshops :
– Unleashing your creative confidence
1⁄2 day visits :
– Discover the giants of Silicon Valley

4.Silicon Valley, San Francisco

2 1⁄2 days of personalized visits 
4 1⁄2 days of workshops :
– Making Silicon Valley Mindset your own
– The art of storytelling
– Personal branding: lnfluence and encourage your employees
– Corporate Improvisation

5.seminar Ready to launch in Paris

At this point, we guide the participants through the completion of their projet, developing their abilities to convince and unite the actors in the ecosystem to preprare them for certification. 

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Don’t take our word for it,

Listen to theirs!

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