PEPITE Starter

We accompany student entrepreneurs who want to launch their startup.

PEPITE Starter is a six month entrepreneurship program dedicated to student entrepreneurs starting the entrepreneurship adventure.

This program is made for students registered with their local PEPITE.

The avantages of PEPITE Starter

The PEPITE Starter program helps student entrepreneurs from their initial idea to a product market fit by providing offices, support and guidance from a network of experts and mentors.

A complete network

By participating in the program you benefit from the Schoolab network of experts, mentors, entrepreneurs and large corporations.

A team at your service

A team dedicated to Startup Acceleration at Schoolab is at your service when you need it most.

Enter a network

By participating in the program you benefit from a network of student entrepreneurs around you.

Offices in the heart Paris

Benefit from Schoolab’s ideal location. In the heart of Sentier, the Startup district of Paris, the nerve center of Parisian entrepreneurship.

Launching aid

We help you to test your product or service before launch to identify a value proposition, find your market, and then launch it.

What to expect during your acceleration

We welcome you for 6 months at our offices at Schoolab Paris in the heart of Sentier, the nerve center of Parisian entrepreneurship.

5 months of acceleration

5 months of acceleration with weekly workshops, individual meetings with experts, a mentor assigned to each startup and the guidance of the Startup team of Schoolab.

Access to the alumni community

This access opens the door to B2B connections, access to a network of investors and experts, and exclusive workshops.

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