Prospective & Market Watch

Explore the future of your industry and discover new growth levers !

No industry is immune to market disruption. New trends in society and technology threaten traditional practices and companies must regularly reinvent themselves to remain the leaders of their market, or even to simply survive. Foresight is a powerful tool to anticipate future market direction and identify potential growth. 



From applied prospectives to embodiment

Our main goal is to make prospective work as concrete and real as possible to immerse our customers in the daily life of tomorrow. No conceptual formats or trend boards, but hyper realistic fictions that identify a true potential threat or possible market opportunity. 


A fun and dynamic format

Learn to make it a game and play with possible futures to break free of alarmist habits and conferences that can be too theoretical and boring.


An operational deliverable that you can act upon

Together, at the end of the program, we will build a strategic roadmap that defines a set of actions to ensure your role as a key player in future markets. Transform your teams, define and communicate you new brand positioning, acquire new skillsets and assets, everything you will need to reinvent your model. 


Be one step ahead of your competitors 

This exercise in foresight is an excellent way to prepare to launch pioneering and innovative projects that will test your new strategy. 


Reconcile with “buzz words”

Through this program you will make your own opinions and vision of how big data, artificial intelligence and all these buzzwords will change your company’s daily life. 

We don’t only offer LX, we help you get
the best out of the innovative ecosystem !

define the horizon and scope of research

Nous commençons par définir ensemble l’horizon de temps cible et le périmètre de l’industrie que vous souhaitez couvrir selon vos besoins et vos moyens d’action par la suite.

Create scenarios

Sur la base du périmètre défini nous concevons des scénarios qui concrétisent une menace ou une nouvelle opportunité liée à l’émergence d’une nouvelle tendance. Nous rendons ces scénarios concrets et accessibles grâce à la production de media (planche, photos, vidéo, articles de journaux)

Workshops based on scenarios

Avec vos collaborateurs nous animons un atelier pour manipuler et jouer avec ces fictions. L’atelier permet aux participants de se familiariser avec ces futurs imaginés et d’en dégager les nouvelles lignes directrices de votre stratégie.

build a roadmap and greenlight projects

Based on the ideas that come out of the workshop, we will help shape your company’s strategic roadmap for a long term future. For each key element of the roadmap we will define the parameters of how to launch and a concrete plan of action for years to come.

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