Become the entrepreneur of your second life!

You have decided on a career change and are considering becoming an entrepreneur? Reboot is the first early stage acceleration program dedicated to managers and executives. This unique program stands out from classic services such as outplacement, academic training and traditional incubators and accelerators.

Discover Reboot, the first acceleration program for managers and executives. If you are looking to develop your idea and are determined to launch your startup, you are welcome! We will REBOO(S)T you up!

A complete and personalized acceleration program

Get access to the Schoolab network and meet experts, mentors, entrepreneurs and corporates. We are all united around one passion: innovation. Joining Reboot means adopting a unique team. Program Managers and Startup Managers are at your disposal on a daily basis. They will challenge you and provide methods, experts and other resources you will need to succeed.

For who?

You have an idea or a beginning of business, professional experience, 27 years old or more, you like mutual help, sharing and team spirit? Reboot is made for you!

At what stage?

You have a project but you have never created a company nor developed a product? You’ve just started but you want to change dimension? We offer support and guidance from initial idea to business.



An EXPLOSIVE MIX to move from initial idea to functional business: weekly personalized, 1-on-1 coaching, a mentor assigned to your startup, weekly workshops and office hours with leading experts and professionals.

Human Scale

Reboot is above all a class made of people sharing joys and difficulties. Breakfasts, team-building weekend, dinners are important parts of the acceleration phase. Reboot’s values? Kindness, sharing, human warmth, team spirit, comfort and… Progress!

Offices in the heart Paris

Located in the heart of Paris (Sentier), Schoolab is offering to all startups a 6-month residence in its building. Schoolab is open 7/24 and includes meeting rooms. As a nomadic entrepreneur, please take place wherever you want in the startup space!

3 years for your startup to be a success!

Founded and animated by entrepreneurs, Reboot offers you personalised and responsive support that will help ensure your success, collective dynamics, with small promotions at the Schoolab and our secret sauce, cheerfulness, because it’s easier to succeed while having fun together rather than struggling alone in the dark….

3 years, 3 phases

For 6 months you are accelerated in residence at Schoolab in Le Sentier. What to expect: weekly support, access to workshops, office hours and 5 events (Bootcamp, Teambuilding, Salon, Crash Test & Demo Day).

The following 6 months you benefit from a follow-up outside residency: a monthly support and you have access to the workshops of Schoolab.

And the following 2 years, we accompany you: meetings every 6 months, funding assistance and access to networking events organized by Schoolab.

Enjoy an ecosystem

Most workshops and office hours are done together with the other acceleration programs (Starter and International Starter) to promote synergy. This way, you also gain visibility in Schoolab ecosystem and be able to prospect clients.

A team at your service

Each startup has a regular meeting with the program manager, the startup manager, your mentor, an entrepreneur or expert chosen by the startup.

Small groups

We have chosen small seasons, limited to 10 startups and 20 participants. During 6 months, the promotion becomes your team. Thanks to that, every “Changer” participates in the success of other startups!

Together is better!

Every week, a collective breakfast is organized to share success stories and overcome challenges together.

But don’t take our words for it.

Take theirs.

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We build the best custom-tailored teams to help you transform your company through innovation. If you have a specific request, don’t hesitate to contact us.