School Hackathon

Start your academic year with a Hackathon!

A Hackathon is a unique occasion to spotlight integration and development while providing a professional scope to the event.

Originally, a Hackathon is a gathering of developers with the objective to test and create an application prototype within a few hours. Now today, in collaboration with companies, we use Hackathons to tackle any sort of problem, either technical, business or social.

The advantages of the hackathon

Over the years, the Hackathon has become a leading concept for innovative companies, startups, and universities to discover talents and confront challenges in a short period of time.

Unusual work

Your students unite using new methods and tools. The Hackathon doesn’t stop at nightfall, each team goes above and beyond to produce the best functional prototype possible in 48 hrs.

An event that solidifies relationships

The unique experience of a Hackathon provides the opportunity for students to discover and prove themselves. The presence of an external staff further catalyzes the change of perspective and helps create a new networks.

Schoolab supervises all aspects of coordination

With confidence and experience we handle the logistical planning, preparation and administration of the event. We adapt to your communication tools and facilities to provide the best experience for your students.

Get sponsored!

It is possible to associate one or several industrial groups with your event to add another level of professionalism and financing.

What to expect at a hackathon

During a hackathon the teams follow the progression of a project in development and use the essential steps in the methods of Design Thinking or Lean Startup. A pitch competition will close the event and a jury of experts will evaluate the finalists and select the winners.

Work in a startup format

A hackathon is 48 hours of work in small groups similar to a startup.

A timed competition

Formatted as a timed competition, the winning team is designated by a jury at the end of the allotted time.

A festive program

“Happenings” will punctuate the 48 hours and allow the participants to hold the line through day and night.

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