Schoolab: pioneer of innovation in France

Discover a project accelerator that mixes talent from all walks of life.

  • Schoolab: making companies more innovative, agile and enterprising

    We have directly participated in the import of design thinking and agile methods to France. We help companies launch innovations. Our innovation centres and hubs embody a unique vision: we need to mix profiles for more creativity.

  • A project accelerator

    It’s also unique places
    open-innovation, which welcomes students,
    large groups, startups and experts.

    Key figures for our impact

    For 10 years, we have been mixing actors of all ages, backgrounds, professions and backgrounds to cross the eyes and imagine together the world of tomorrow.

    accelerated corporate projects
    locations operated
    alumni programs
    accelerated startups
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    How do innovation hubs foster innovation?

    • Creativity is encouraged to mix together different profiles: students, entrepreneurs, …
    • take people out of their comfort zone with atypical spaces
    • foster discovery with recurrent events in innovation centres

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