Startup Co-Build

Co-develop your innovative solution with the most suitable startup

Your proof of concept has convinced you of the potential of your idea and the need to launch it quickly in partnership with a startup? 

Schoolab sources the startup most aligned with your project, your ambitions and your vision to ensure a long-lasting, fruitful and mutually beneficial collaboration. 

Schoolab provides its expertise in accelerating startups and innovative projects for large groups to ensure the best alignment between your project and the startup.

The Advantages of Open-Innovation with Schoolab


Personalized support

Personalized support : the closest to the objectives of the company and the interests of the startups to ensure a long-term and fruitful collaboration.


An in-depth understanding of large corporations

More than 10 years of experience in the acceleration of open-innovation projects for corporate clients guarantees an in-depth comprehension of how innovation flourishes within a large corporation.


Quality sourcing

Sourcing within the biggest network of student startups in France from the programs : Bridge, Starter, Pepite Starter and Pepite  Schoolab accelerates over a hundred startups per year. The long-term accompaniment of our startups allows us to offer you quality sourcing. 


Easy access to the international

A potential to internationalize the project with our presence in San Francisco and our long-standing ties with Silicon Valley.

The recipe for successful open-innovation

Define needs

Before starting a collaboration with a startup and to ensure that the solution best meets your needs, it is important to clearly define the needs and to test the different possible solutions.

The program Lean Factory with phases of extensive observations, sprint design and prototyping is most suitable for this upstream phase.

SOURCE the "perfect fit" STARTUP

From the prototyping phase of the proof of concept a sourcing of potential startups developing similar solutions is conducted.

ensure the alignment of key players

Specifications are established covering both the functions of the solution, the values and maturity of the desired startup, followed by a screening of startups that meet these specifications.

Define the terms of COLLABORATION

The most adapted startup is selected according to your criteria and the terms of the collaboration are defined (customer-supplier relationship, joint offer, participation, etc.)

accompaniment to ensure intelligent work

Schoolab guides and supports the open-innovation project for 6 months to ensure a methodological framework that allows  the different actors to efficiently work together.