How do you get your B2B sales off the ground when you launch your startup? The successful example of Storeez

Storeez offers animations and customer experiences at mass retail outlets to promote Better Consumption? How did the startup manage to sign its first contract with Carrefour after difficult first months of activity and inadequate positioning? Antoine, co-founder of Storeez, came to share his experience at Schoolab during the Achievement Party.

How do you make your first sale when you launch your startup?

The ambition of Antoine and Victor, co-founders of Storeez, is to spread the desire for better consumption to the general public through in-store events. They then decided to launch their startup with a participative online platform that would allow experts to reference the different workshops they offered, in short an “Airbnb of commercial animation”. But the first results are not good: “we failed after 3 months” explains Antoine.

How can we bounce back from this failure? Antoine explains that it was very important to listen to the needs of his targets and to define the right people to complete Storeez’s offer. The best advice they received during the Schoolab coaching was to make their own animations before trying to sell them to store managers. So, they started a communication strategy on LinkedIn to share photos and videos of the animations. That’s how they made their first sale: a 5,000€ contract with Carrefour for a commercial animation.

How does a startup consolidate its commercial offer?

Following this first sale, the Storeez team then consolidates its offer to “deliver in-store customer experience via a platform”. Antoine specifies that it is essential when working in B2B to measure the performance of its actions: “If we want to sell other animations behind, we have to be able to measure our impact on each animation thanks to KPIs”.

Storeez’s objective today is to make their in-store solution scalable by bringing together a community of Storeez experts, store managers who all have their speciality: nutrition, organic, better consumption, etc. The startup continues to grow and their animations are already present in 60 stores throughout France.


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