Startup Incubator

6 months of incubation for early-stage start-ups in the heart of Paris

Startup Incubator : Early-stage startup incubator Starter by Schoolab, accompanies French and international entrepreneurs from the idea to the first customers for 6 months. Switch from the idea to the first sale in record time.

Why participate in the Starter program?

  • Be armed to deal with entrepreneurial issues by training with the best experts and mentors at our Startup Incubator

  • Be pushed to confront its users, make sales and iterate in order to define a value proposition and market for your company and its product.

  • Be surrounded by the team of the Schoolab startup incubator and be as close as possible to professional entrepreneurs!

barthelemy fendt alumni startup entrepreneur
Barthélémy Fendt
“ One of the very positive points was to be able to test our product within the startup ecosystem as it evolved. ”
Entrepreneurs accompanied
Experts, coach and investors
Millions of euros raised by startups

6 months to move from the idea of startup to the first sales

The pillars of our incubation program

The Starter program is 6 months of incubation where early-stage startups alternate between the dedicated "product" months and the "sales" months. This turnover allows you to build a product as close as possible to user demand and generate revenue quickly while marketing effectively.
Highlights are regularly organized to establish development deadlines. Other events, such as the team building, reinforce the spirit of mutual aid between startups.
Séminaire d'entreprise
The program provides access to the Alumni community, which opens the door to B2B connections and allows methodologies to be transmitted. We also offer access to a network of investors and experts and exclusive workshops.
innovation lab
Practical methodologies and tools that provide the weapons to attack customers and the market.

Startup Incubator Alumnis

These Startup Incubator entrepreneurs have gone through our programs and trusted us

Startup: What are the obstacles to overcome for its first fundraiser? The example of MyMentor

“ The founder of MyMentor talks about his challenges and returns to the issues of association when we create his startup ”

— Tony, fondateur de MyMentor, Quand ça ne se passe plus bien entre ton associé et toi, c’est comme dans un couple, il faut savoir y mettre fin

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Startup: how do you know when to turn a pivot? The example of the startup LeStyliste

“ How to increase your startup from 0 to 100,000 users with a startup incubation program. Testimony on their pivot and their journey in Schoolab ”

— “Quand on pivote, mon conseil c’est de ne pas se retourner”, Annaëlle Assaraf, fondateur de la startup LeStyliste

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Questions about the Starter incubation program?

We are convinced that new generations have the capacity to meet the challenges facing our world and to reinvent tomorrow. We want to bring the best to young entrepreneurs, so that they have every chance to succeed in their business.

  • What's a starter incubator ?

    Starter is an incubator for early-stage start-ups, to go from idea to business in 6 months.

    We help entrepreneurs to quickly create an early-stage startup that has potential, by pushing them to confront their clients as quickly as possible.

    We mobilize a network of 100+ mentors and experts who help students make the right decisions and save time.

    We create an environment of collective emulation, caring and mutual support among accelerator startups.

    We teach startups to get to know each other better and develop their potential as entrepreneurs. Every startup has its own unique founder, team, and practices to share.

  • Who is the early-stage startup incubator for?

    Starter is an incubation program aimed at all types of entrepreneurs who are starting an early-stage startup: reconversion entrepreneurs, students, international entrepreneurs …

    It is important for us that entrepreneurs come from all backgrounds and all training (business, engineering, design, medicine, pharmacy, psychology, law, journalism, art …) and that they set up all types of startups (tech, social business, art …). What is fundamental: they must be passionate and have a good understanding of their target’s needs.

  • What is the content of the Starter early-stage incubator program?

    The program is composed of several highlights to push entrepreneurs to reach their goals quickly :

    Team building: the spirit of mutual aid is paramount for the incubator! The Team Building is the moment when everyone gets to know each other and marks the beginning of a common adventure!
    The Bootcamp: 2 weeks at the start of the program during which the entrepreneurs are challenged on their understanding of the customer’s needs, their prototype and their acquisition strategy.
    The Crash Test: the ultimate moment when entrepreneurs are challenged by experts, mentors and Business Angel! This highlight takes place 3 months after the start of the program and marks the moment at which entrepreneurs must have made sales.
    Achievement Party: This is the end of the program! Entrepreneurs pitch in front of a varied audience.

    Outside of these deadlines, there are workshops every week that help entrepreneurs build skills on key topics. And every two weeks, office hours are held: we bring in experts on different specific topics (How to create an engaged community in B2C? What growth strategy can I implement? Which legal status should I choose?). Startups make appointments according to their needs, to be helped and challenged.

    And then, Starter is a daily occurrence: entrepreneurs share the same premises with other startups that are facing or have faced the same issues.

  • Who are the mentors and experts in the incubation program?

    Mentors are successful entrepreneurs who started a business early in their career, often after graduation, and therefore have a thorough understanding of the issues of an early-stage startup. They help startups with their strategy and decision-making, and can open up their network.

    The experts are professionals who work in startups, large groups or as freelancers and are specialized on different topics: UX/UI, business model, branding, metrics & analytics, fundraising, digital marketing, SEO… The network is constantly being expanded to meet your needs.

    Startups are also followed every two weeks by a coach, a member of the Schoolab team, who helps them set and achieve their goals.

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  • How to join the incubator ?

    To apply, just fill in the contact form on the bottom of the page. We will get in touch with you 🙂

  • How much does the Starter Incubation Program cost?

    Starter is a fee-based early-stage start-up incubation program that does not take equity.

    The price of the program is 1200€ HT / startup for support and 280€ HT / person / month for access to co-working. The formula includes :

    bi-monthly follow-up
    access to co-working 7/7 and 24 hours a day
    accompaniment, highlights, weekly workshops and office-hours (individual appointments).
    access to the slack and perks of the Schoolab

  • When does the program starts ?

    The program is starting 2 times a year :

    • 2nd of November
    • 2nd of May

    We close the candidate form 10 days before the beginning of the new batch.

  • I am an international entrepreneur, can I apply?

    Important to notice :

    • a fluent French langage speaking is mandatory to follow our program.
    • A french bank account is mandaotry

    Yes, we offer mentoring and weekly tailor-made workshops to help international entrepreneurs develop their business and gain a better understanding of the business network in France.

    For international entrepreneurs, the incubation program lasts 6 months and costs 450€ / month / person (+ the price of the French Tech Visa, if needed) and includes :

    access to co-working 24/7
    accompaniment, highlights, weekly workshops and off-hours
    access to the slack and perks of the Schoolab
    1 month of training
    French courses
    administrative follow-up to facilitate installation in France
    Weekly coaching (versus bi-monthly coaching) to help acculturation and understanding of the client’s needs.
    specific workshops on the accounting and legal system in France

  • Can I apply for the French Tech Visa for founders? How do I apply for the French Tech Visa for Founders ?

    Important to notice : a fluent French langage speaking is mandatory to follow our program.

    Once you are accepted into the Starter Incubator Program, we write a letter to support your project to Direccte. Once the Direccte approves your project, you will receive an official letter from the Direccte attesting to your status as a foreign founder. You are then eligible for a long-stay visa.

    What to do next?

    If you do not reside in France, you must apply for a Talent Passport at the French Consulate of your usual place of residence no earlier than 3 months before the date of your arrival in France.
    If you already reside in France: apply for a change of status at the prefecture of your place of residence. You must request the change of status 2 months before the expiry of your previous residence permit.
    For more information, visit the FrenchTech Visa website.



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