Startups Hackathon

We help you build a complementary and multidisciplinary team 

We help students and young graduates build a complementary and multidisciplinary team before launching their startup.

Startup Weekends is a program for students to find a team and launch their startup.

This weekend lets them build a team and use the methodologies before getting started.


Students and young graduates who want to jump into the entrepreneurial adventure. 

A short but intense program with experts, mentors and entrepreneurs

How does it work?

1 weekend

1 weekend at Schoolab in the Sentier district.

50 students

50 students who each have the same goal, to become an entrepreneur and have their startup succeed.

Workshops, interventions et training sessions

Workshops, interventions and training sessions to find their team, their idea, and test themselves in issues around entrepreneurialism.

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We build the best custom-tailored teams to help you transform your company through innovation. If you have a specific request, don’t hesitate to contact us here.