With a little help, everyone can become an entrepreneur!

At Schoolab, we think that being in a dynamic and resourceful ecosystem is necessary to jump into the adventure of entrepreneurship. We have designed programs that fit the needs of early stage startups by cultivating an environment that helps entrepreneurs become successful.

Inspiration, knowledge and network are the keys to make your entrepreneurship dream come true

It’s a long and difficult road to becoming an entrepreneur but we help you overcome the early stage obstacles through our mentor program, custom-tailored workshops, and training sessions. Being in the right ecosystem is key for starting a business.

We provide entrepreneurs with our experience, methodologies and network of support of 150+ mentors and experts to unleash entrepreneurial talents.

Jump into our intense acceleration programs! Achieve in 6 months, what would take you years.

Startups that join our acceleration programs have the chance to be surrounded by mentors, experts, and the Schoolab team, who are committed to seeing your business grow. There is a strong sense of community with in the programs. The startups build lasting relationships and learn from each other.


We gather the best talent from different fields to help you build the best startup.

  • The first entrepreneurial program in the Silicon Valley with UC Berkeley : Le Bridge
  • Startups Hackathon


Go from original idea to a viable business within few months.


Become an entrepreneur and learn how to open a window when all the doors are closed.

  • The first entrepreneurial program in the Silicon Valley with UC Berkeley : Le Bridge
  • Startup Hackathon
  • School Hackathon
  • Starter to retrain to entrepreneurship : Reboot


Structure and manage your startup growth.

  • Alumni entrepreneur community of our programs : Startup Alumni
  • Fundraising

Discover our products

Starter Program

Students and graduates, take action now! Starter is the program to help you go from original idea to a viable business in just a few months.

International Starter Program

Entrepreneurs from all over the world, come to France to develop your startup through to the French Tech Visa for Founders (4 year talent visa).

Reboot Program

Former employees, come and start your own business in an intense program, changing the way you work and accelerating your startup.

LeBridge Program

A two step program : First, discover the unique ecosystem of Silicon Valley in a 4 month program at UC Berkeley. Form your team and then come back to France to start your startup.

Startups Hackathon

Spread the entrepreneurship mindset in schools and universities.

Startups Alumni

Alumni from our programs, we continue to support and guide you with dedicated workshops and access to our network of investors.

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We build the best custom-tailored teams to help grow your startup. If you have a specific request, don’t hesitate to contact us.