Farming teams with Sonepar Hackathon

In order to acculturate the teams, Schoolab organized a Hackathon for Sonepar, the world leader in the distribution of electrical equipment and related services to professionals. The client’s aim was to make top managers and executives in each country aware of the need to transform themselves and bring out innovative projects. The Hackathon therefore brought together 80 participants (including 30 country CEOs and group top managers), 20 Facilitators and 20 Hackers and startupers, and enabled the launch of 5 innovative multi-subsidiary projects and 1 project in startup/spin-off mode. The country CEOs have also committed to increasing the transversal corporate world budget to finance a common innovation platform.

In parallel with the Hackathon, Schoolab was in charge of the preparation and internal communication before and after this challenge to promote the group’s innovation policy.


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