Learning Expeditions

Accelerate your transformation by discovering the world's most innovative networking hubs

Project yourself into the future of your industry by immersing yourself in new networking hubs, in France and abroad!

Learning Expeditions tailor-made, as needed

  • Learning Expedition Thematic

    Develop a professional competence in an industry sector and project yourself into the future of your industry, to have a clear vision of trends and innovations. Proptech in New York, Retail in San Fransisco, Legaltech in Paris, Fintech in London, we analyze innovation networking hubs for you!

  • Learning Expedition Decision

    Spread a policy of innovation and transformation, align your employees with the same issue, embark your COMEX with an innovative approach and forge a common vision of your issues! It is a Learning Expedition to facilitate decision-making, redefine its strategic directions and launch new projects.

  • Inspirational Learning Expedition

    Get inspired, get out of your frame of work, discover an innovative network of potential coworkers/mentors and enjoy a moment of team building. This type of Learning Expedition allows you to animate a community, mobilize entrepreneurs, and embrace the face of change.

R. Fitoussi
Responsable Learning Expedition
“ Our Learning Expeditions are custom-designed from Silicon Trail to Silicon Valley ”
Learning Expeditions

Enjoy an immersion experience in the future

The watchword of our Learning Expeditions is experience. We make you live an intense moment, no way to sit all day!

Start with a framing! We do an upstream framing phase to identify your needs and create the Learning Expedition that looks just like you and meets your innovation challenges.
Then we create the thread of your day by opening the doors of the best companies. We draw from our network of startups, SMEs, corporates, experts, etc. and do continuous monitoring and benchmarking to arrange personalized meetings for you.
Then, we integrate Design Thinking or Design Fiction workshops to help you formalize key points to hold meetings and take concrete action. We aim to maintain the energy that is created during the Learning Expedition and we help you to prototype the first actions to be put in place, with a roadmap and follow-up workshops. We assure you that the ideas that are born there do not end up in a closet!
Finally, we garnish it all with a dash of the unique, innovative and committed logistical experiences of our one-of-a-kind program. Our innovation venues boost your creativity and our team relies on short circuits and local products.

Our Learning expedition ecosystems in France and around the world!

Paris, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, New York, London, Tallinn, Cape Town, Ho Chi Minh or anywhere else, you are taken to the most innovative ecosystem of your industry. For 15 years, we have been developing our network to allow you to discover the latest technological prowess of Silicon Valley, the audacity of Israeli startups, the ingenuity of New York Proptechs or the profusion of French Legaltechs. !

Learning Expedition France

Discover the richness of the French ecosystem: in Paris or in the region, you don't have to fly to get inspired.

Learning Expedition London

Learning Expedition in London, an immersion in the first European hub

Learning Expedition San Francisco

Learning Expedition San Francisco to discover Silicon Valley and the latest technology trends, and translate them into an action plan with the support of our Schoolab experts and coaches

learning expedition san francisco

They went on learning expedition with Schoolab

Learning Expedition in New York or discovering the Silicon Trail, these companies have created their tailor-made expedition with us.

Learning Expedition in London for high potential: the Future of work

“ 3 days in London with high potential on new workspaces and management practices ”

— Simon Desrumaux, "This learning expedition to London allowed us to define our innovation strategy and improve team cohesion."

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Learning Expedition in New York: Exploring PropTech

“ 7 days in New York on the future of PropTech for Vinci Real Estate's COMEX: the trip helped us align our vision and orient our innovation strategy with concrete projects ”

— Diego Harari, Vinci Real Estate Innovation Director

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Learning Expeditions Legaltech to inspire Societe Generale’s lawyers

“ Learning Expeditions Legal for Societe Generale legal teams ”

— K. Messaoudi - COO Juridique du groupe, "The digital champions, CODIR and middle management all came. Everybody had to be there to understand."

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Schoolab - Some advices to start your business

3 Tips for Successful Learning Expedition

Do you want to travel to the future? The world is changing, so escape from your comfort by organizing your first Learning Expedition. But first, what is a Learning Expedition and what impact does it really have on a business? Based on more than 50 cases, we give you our best advice on how to make this innovative and special seminar a success.

  • Tip 1: Understanding the ABCs of Learning Expedition


    A Learning Expedition can take several forms and involve all departments of a company. It is a trip of 1 to 5 days, with between 10 and 25 people. The Learning Expedition can also be part of a company seminar.

    Its objective is to meet the innovative and disruptive ecosystems of the planet to get out of its comfort zone.

  • Tip 2: Formalize clear objectives for your expedition

    To guide the Learning Expedition, it is important to understand your objectives. Why do you want to go? Is it to live up to a new-age techie lifestyle, to train your teams, to make a strategic decisions, to do POC’s with startups, to get inspired, or to do team building?

  • Tip 3: Keep an open mind During the Learning Expedition

    You will meet speakers and listen to a wide range of feedback. The backgrounds of the speakers may be very different from your reality. Keep an open mind, let yourself be pushed around and try to gain insights on how to tackle a problem and seize opportunities. The aim is to be able to transpose the encounters into your daily life!

  • Innovation Lab Schoolab Learning expedition

    The Learning Expedition is a highlight, which is reserved for the participants. It is a privileged time of exchange to disseminate important and strategic messages. But the Learning Expedition does not stop after the debriefing: capitalise on what you have learned and spread it outside the circle of participants.
    Have an innovation expert accompany you.
    Let the first French innovation centre accompany you. With dozens of Learning Expeditions to our credit in sectors ranging from luxury goods to the aeronautical industry, we have the expertise to create the corporate trip you need. So we organize EVERYTHING, even the logistics!

    A multi-stage methodology

    In order to transform your Learning Expeditions into a transformation accelerator, we have developed a multi-step methodology: from the framing of your needs – to helping you define the projects that will be born.



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