Learning Expedition London

Immerse yourself in Europe's technology innovation capital

London has an extremely rich ecosystem of startups at the cutting edge of new technologies. Because of its financial nature, the city offers significant support to investors and startups.

Why have a Learning expedition in London?

  • London is the third largest technology centre in the world and the first startup centre in Europe, known for its vibrant community, high concentration of international capital and talent. It was a winning equation that allowed the emergence of 17 unicorns including Deliveroo and Revolut.

  • According to new figures published by the City of London Corporation and the City Property Association, London has been voted the top destination for companies to find global teams and innovate, despite the uncertainties surrounding Brexit.

  • The proximity of London allows you to immerse yourself in a relatively short period of time and facilitates the transposition of the meetings to the French context

Deborah Kreis
Learning Expedition Program Manager
“ London is the perfect place for an extremely rich Learning Expedition, on a rather short format ”

Learning Expedition London

Visit the flagship of the bank and financial startups

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FinTech: London is the second largest financial centre in the world, in 2018 3 fintechs have become unicorns. This sector employs more than 315,000 people.
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Legaltech: London is at the forefront of innovative solutions in the legal sector. Automation of contracts, data analysis, solutions developed by London Legaltechs are numerous.
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EdTech: This sector will account for $4.4 billion in 2021 in England, with education exports toing $22.8 billion annually.
Proptech: A hub for real estate developers and investors, one of the most active real estate markets in the world. Many proptech startups have joined this bubbling ecosystem to meet growing consumer demand.

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