BNP trains its employees at pitch

Interpersonal communication in companies: a crucial issue for all managers

How to present your project well to convince your interlocutors? This is the question that many employees ask themselves. Sales departments are no longer the only ones who feel the need to be well trained in pitching. Project owners, intrapreneurs, managers or plant directors: whatever their profile, communicating well is a key issue today!

pitch formation prise de parole discoursAgainst this backdrop, BNP Paribas wanted to increase the skills of some thirty employees in public speaking. Already at ease with this exercise, the aim of the training was to reinforce what had already been learned and to enable everyone to move on to an even higher level.



Pitch training to enable employees to make a success of their sales meetings

As part of a training programme co-developed with the Schoolab teams, BNP has selected around 30 employees whose assignments include a large number of speaking engagements, particularly during sales talks. Thanks to the recurring nature of the sessions, participants were able to make progress in just a few weeks. The coach’s personalised advice enabled each participant to become aware of his or her strengths and to work on areas for improvement. The numerous application exercises helped anchor the learning and ensure that all members of the group fully understood the lessons of the training.

“The feedback was very relevant and constructive. The structure of the exercise was really well thought out!” Elodie, training participant

“100% of the managers trained said that they had improved their skills at the beginning of the training.”

“Even the most reserved can speak effectively! This is the key word of the training and the whole group felt it thanks to the very benevolent posture of the coach. Moreover, the fact that he is bilingual and can help both our English-speaking and French-speaking employees was a real plus,” said Léo, a participant in the pitch training for BNP Paribas teams.

Learning how to make a well-constructed and effective sales pitch in just two training sessions

“all the participants loved the training and can’t wait to do it again.”

In addition to having pleased the employees, the training has created real added value for the company. Participants reported that they gained confidence in their business interactions, enabling them to win new contracts.


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