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Innovative team building organization

The corporate seminar team building is a crucial moment for the life of the company. Check out our tips on how to best prepare for it. Offer innovative formats to motivate your teams and create real internal cohesion. Promote innovation and the launch of innovative projects.

Bespoke and innovative business seminar team building

  • A time of camaraderie of your teams and unique work that improves communication and internal cohesion

  • Flexible format tailored to your needs: we create the company seminar team building that’s right for you and tailored to you

  • An ideal time to promote the ideation and creativity of your employees in multiple kinds of workshops.

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“ This was the most interesting team building I could do! ”
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Innovative team building

How do you engage your employees through an innovative and immersive experience?

Unusual activities to encourage employees to get out of their comfort zones and break the ice
Séminaire d'entreprise
Time to share and co-create work within collaborative workshops
Discovered moments: discovering unusual and inspiring places
A personalized organization made by Schoolab teams
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3 tips for creating a business seminar team building

Why organize a business seminar? Do you have to do your team building in Paris in France or abroad? How much work and relaxation activities? So check out our tips

  • Why organize a business seminar?

    How do you want to organize your company and team seminar each year? Do you want to surprise employees and spur them into action? Align the vision between your teams? Orient a team around common values and team building actions? Open them up to other spheres, inspire them and put them into action? Schoolab offers to accompany you in the organization of your seminar.

  • A moment of encounter and sharing

    We are convinced that these times of meeting and sharing as a team are an opportunity to develop both the vision and the nature of your teams. To do this, Schoolab offers you to reinvent your professional seminar through new experiences.

  • A business seminar organised by Schoolab

    From the support to the return of the participants we do everything possible to make the experience differentiating and amazing. Based on your objectives and a topic defined upstream, we offer offers for your team building:

    • recreational activities
    • group brainstorming sessions
    • group innovation tools and activities
  • In Paris, anywhere in France or abroad

    In Paris, Paris region, province or abroad, we offer you to find the most suitable and unique experiences and activities for your employees.


Organize your seminar team building with Schoolab