Lean Startup Training

A day to find out how to launch faster and cheaper innovation projects.

Lean Startup Training: Efficient methodologies allows companies to launch innovation projects more agilely, limiting risk and testing market potential. It is a very powerful methodology if you understand the theory, but also good practice. The Lean Startup training will allow you to discover all the steps (tests, iteration, fast prototypes…) while making them concrete with the advice of our trainers. So you’ll learn how to make the right assumptions for your tests, how to select your beta testers, master lean canvasing and create low-cost prototypes.

What Lean Startup training will bring you

  • Give the keys and principles of the Lean Startup methodology to employees so that they can take the best possible sense of the dynamics of eventual permanent iterations of your product

  • Understanding the key methodological factors for startup success

  • Know how to use a Lean canvas

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“ "The discovery of the Lean Startup allowed us to review how we could test a new product before launching it. A real discovery and an exciting animator!" ”
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Lean Startup

The Lean Startup Training takes place over 1 day in our premises in Paris. It combines theory, examples and action through playful exercises.

Theoretical presentation of 'Customer Development', the most upstream phase of the Lean Startup based on the understanding of its users
Workshop practice: formulating hypotheses using the canvases
Exercise field of observation and validation of hypotheses
Formalization and synthesis of observations
Schoolab - Some advices to start your business

Lean Startup: 3 concepts to remember to innovate

The Lean Startup is a methodology born in the United States and widely used in Silicon Valley, where many innovations were born!

  • MVP and Lean Startup: what link?

    The Lean Startup method, theorized and popularized by Eric Ries, allows organizations to develop MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) quickly by limiting risk. It can also be understood as a methodology of “continuous innovation”: we first develop an MVP accompanied by a lean startup business canvas in order to test it on the market and improve the product or service iteratively.

  • The Lean Startup method: what phases?

    There are no actual consecutive “phases” in a specific order in the Lean Startup approach. Instead, we will talk about a cycle: we build a prototype or MVP at low cost (depending on the progress of the project), and we put it on the market or in the hands of users after having clearly defined what we wanted to measure. Then, with all the feedback collected, we iterate on the product and the business model or we perform a pivot (ie we change his idea( … and rinse and repeat! This method allows you to create products and services faster, with a viable business model, and with a better chance of responding to a user problem than using a traditional cascading method.

  • Agile Method and Lean Startup: Same Fight?

    Thankfully, if these two methodologies often go hand in hand, we don’t talk about the same things. If the Lean Startup is a methodology for quickly launching a business or product with a quick iteration, the agile method is a method of work originating from the IT industry. The agile method allows you to rework a product iteratively by developing functionality by functionality: it is not reserved for new product launches.
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