Open Innovation Program

A day to learn how to successfully collaborate with a startup.

You can’t improvise when working in open mode with a startup or developing an open innovation network! It is necessary to understand the specifics of a startup, proper ways of collaboration, and the challenges of building an open innovation culture… This training, carried out in partnership with RaiseLab, will help you become familiar with these criteria for successful business while networking inside the startup area. The many examples of success and fails in open innovation will bring you a deep understanding of the keys to a successful collaboration.

What our Open Innovation Program will bring you

  • Understanding the specificities of a startup

  • Discover the benefits and challenges of open innovation

  • Explore different ways of working with a startup

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Paul Jeannest
CEO RaiseLab
“ “ Working with a startup to innovate efficiently can be an incredible opportunity, but it's not improvised! We have designed our training to put all the chances on your side for achieving your open innovation projects. ” ”
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Open Innovation: a world to explore

The Open Innovation Program takes place over 1 day in our headquarters in Paris. Each session consists of testimonials, theory and playful group workshops.

Workshop: "Why work with a startup?" Workshop: "How can you fail your collaboration with a startup?"
Introducing the David report with Goliath on: 1. state of the art in France 2. Different stages of collaboration Introducing 1 to 3 cases of uses and startups
Workshop: Imagining your relationship with a startup Pitch and feedback from different groups
Schoolab - Some advices to start your business

What exactly is Open Innovation?

"Open Innovation" means relying on collaboration and open-mindedness to learn faster and innovate more efficiently.

  • Open Innovation: risky?

    Open Innovation goes against common sense, some will say: if there are no barriers to working together on topics that are not related to the business’ core, then there should no question of being open to conversation on innovation topics or strategies for the company. It is precisely for these integral issues, that a culture of openness will allow a company to innovate better: We would be able to confront the market faster, inspire people, and generate ideas through the opening of an open innovation lab including collaboration with startups, students, and professionals… 

  • Open Innovation to transform teams

    Not only will Open Innovation help you co-create new solutions, but it will also launch or support the evolution of your teams. It is by confronting each other that people, and therefore businesses, are changing.

  • The applications of Open Innovation

    There are many applications for open innovation! Among the most common is collaboration with startups. This is the main topic of this training at Open Innovation. Choosing to work with a startup means choosing to work with a partner with the imperatives of rapid success. This type of collaboration can be very demanding in terms of speed for your teams. It is therefore through an in-depth study of each person’s specific interests that collaboration can be beneficial for your company and the startup.
    Other key applications of Open Innovation include student programs, open innovation lab opening, building through open innovation ecosystem partnerships, etc.


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