Pitch training

A day to learn to convince through speaking out

Pitch Training : Knowing how to sell your project is an essential skill used to instill faith in, and ultimately advance your project. It is by mobilizing their experience of the performing arts and their knowledge of the entrepreneurial environment that our trainers will be able to convey to you how a good pitch is a clever mix of stage performance and meticulous preparation.

What pitch training will bring you

  • During the training, mixing theory and coaching through practice, all the components of a business pitch will be addressed with our curriculum (hook, sequence of ideas, clarity of speech …) as on the form (physical posture, voice, breathing …).

  • Understanding and taking ownership of pitching practices

  • To be able to clearly and simply make a pitch in order to convince both internally (management, sponsors) and externally (investors, journalists) of the validity of your project

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“ Very interesting training with a trainer who knows his subject. I personally learned important tactics on how to organize his speech to convince and will be delighted to participate in new sessions! ”
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The art of pitching: a crucial skill for all trades

The Pitch Training takes place over 1 day in our premises in Paris in small groups. Each session is moderated by an expert who proposes theory and practice exercises.

Theoretical presentation of pitch exercise and best practices to maximize its impact
Individual preparation by participants of their pitch
Putting participants into practice in the form of passages during which they pitch in front of an oral expression specialist
Collective synthesis
Schoolab - Some advices to start your business

Pitch training in business

Knowing how to pitch a project is not just for startups! Mastering the art of pitching is not only useful for a start-up that wants to convince investors: in all companies, we have to explain 10 times, 100 times our project.

  • Pitcher, you can learn

    Whether it’s a commercial pitch, a general presentation pitch or a pitch of a project in-house, knowing how to present your project is now a necessity for all professions. Thankfully, you can learn that there are many techniques to get the right messages out to your interlocutors. The first is obvious but particularly complex: to convince, you have to tell a story.

  • Focus on the elevator pitch

    An elevator pitch or “30 second pitch” is a short and very impactful pitch, which as the name suggests, must be able to be used during an unexpected and sudden meeting with a potential investor or client, for example in an elevator. This exercise is more complex than it seems: it is a matter of quickly capturing the attention of his or her audience, and then explaining clearly his project in order to convince. In particular, it is a very good tool for business leaders who ask “how do I present my company?”

  • Examples of legendary pitch

    The story is full of examples of companies or internal projects that have met with success from a very simple pitch, clean and highlighting the few most important messages. Airbnb’s first pitch deck is a striking example. Imagine the strength of an elevator pitch as simple as “Book rooms with locals, rather than hotels”. Simple, effective: the art of pitching in a nutshell.


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