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Our belief

The real positive impact innovations are born from observing users and customers.

Schoolab rolls out this oberservation then accompanies organizations in their quest for innovation through training, entrepreneurship and collaboration, including the ecosystem and team members.

Let's innovate together

Notre secret sauce

For the users

Get face to face with customer issues and identify the projects that are meaningful.

Via Entrepreneurship

Put employees at the heart of the projet, giving them indendence, while onboarding them with methods and coaching

Via collaboration

Mobilize and put into action the ecosystem and the employees around these projects

Nos cas clients

Sanofi boosts the creativity of its teams with training

More than 10 teams trained in creativity in business in 3 months
Collaborateur Sanofi - "Une formation particulièrement instructive pour moi. Vraie découverte de l'intelligence collective et des enseignements directs : merci!"
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Societe Generale – Internal Startup Call Intrapreneur Program

This is the most intense learning experience of my professional life"
Didier Lallemand, Intrapreneur & Managing Director Société Générale Ventures -
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Innovation Lab: Launch of L’Oréal’s MYT Innovation Site

800m2 dedicated to technological innovation for the leading cosmetics group
Carine, MYT - Our goal was to create a place of innovation that encourages encounters and creativity
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